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If I am NSFAS registered, Can I Still Apply for SASSA SRD R350 Grant?

Some potential applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant wants to know if they can still go ahead and apply to be considered for the grant..

Last year, some of these applicants were declined when they applied for the unemployment grant of R350 because according to SASSA, they are funded by NSFAS as.


When SASSA checks showed that they are registered with NSFAS as for financial support, they declined them.

Per the criteria for one to qualify for Unemployment grant or SASSA SRD R350 grant, the applicant should not be receiving any other grants or support from government.

These applicants were not satisfied with the outcome of the declined and submitted appeal applications but to no avail.

Their argument is that although they applied for the NSFAS grant, they were not able to access the credit, some did not get admission or couldn’t go to chosen institutions at all.

Meanwhile, per SASSA argument as far as their personal details are found in the NSFAS sfas database, it means they cannot approve their application.

So during the reinstated SRD R350 which is starting this August 2021, most affected people have appealed to the Department of Social Development to re-access or reconsider their decision.

Social Development Department has acknowledged receipt of this issue and has asked such affected applicants yo contact NSFAS fas to remove their names from their database, in order to pave ways for them to apply foe the SRD R350 Grant.

So until DSD finalized their plans with the NSFAS , applicants are advised to immediately contact NSFAS as to remove their names from their database accordingly.

Contact nsfas through their website on :

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  1. Ziyanda Cezula

    I did apply for R350 but it was declined but I’m not getting any payment it just said UIF registered

  2. Nyathela Wendy

    Hi My status say I have Income Source I don’t any income and I didn’t get srd grant why
    Please help me about
    I’m Nyathela Wendy

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