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What if I was declined in the previous R350, Can I Still Apply for SRD R350 Grant Now?

Many applicants are wandering if they can still apply for the reinstated SRD R350 Grant although they were declined in the previous one.

According to SASSA, people’s circumstances or conditions change over time so everyone can apply.

But make sure that you meet the criteria for approval especially if you don’t receive any financial support either from the government or elsewhere.

Those who have worked before and qualify for Unemployment Insurance Fund #UIF, do not qualify to apply. If you are not sure you can contact UIF to verify your account status.

In some cases, it has emerged that unknown to some people, they qualify for UIF.

Moreover, those who have been declined for NSFAS registered or not currently funded by NSFAS can also apply.

But for NSFAS registered, SASSA advised applicants should see NSFAS to officially delete their account information from their database.

Some others too were declined on the basis that they have alternative source of income.

Others are wondering how SASSA came by this conclusion? SASSA has been accessing applicants banking accounts, if they found out that there has been monies inflows, it is suspected that, such applicants have other source of income.

It is the same way as Meanstest, a term used by SASSA to indicate an applicant does not qualify to receive SRD grant because upon further checks, they realized he or she have means to support himself or herself.

In a situation where you see “referred” on your Status, what that seems to indicate is that, SASSA is suspicious of your application and refer to the appropriate quarters for investigation. Until the investigation is completed, the application will be suspended indefinitely.

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Everyone can apply for these SASSA grants online and be considered.

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  1. Tholakele faith khoza

    I need to apply for R350 child support grant

  2. Siyabulela Mbona

    I never received sassa srd for the last 3 months with no reason from post office may i please be told why

    1. DFlex

      Please you can always contact Post Office on toll free number 0800727272 for assistance

      1. Johannes Henning

        Please help me id 6512045018080
        I apply for the Sassa 350 grant and it is declined. . It says Uif register, i am unemployed since 2018 when i was retrench, i didn’t start working since 2018, please how can i fix this i need this money, your telephone number i cant get trough it rings al the time, please assist me what i can do.

  3. Silindile Zondi

    I Applied for srd 3 weeks back and I used my mom bank account, without reading terms and conditions. now it pending due to wrong information . Please help

  4. Presh

    I am not workin how can i be uif registered but im not even collectin uif

    1. Megan Fiona Dutoit

      I got the same problem. Please help

  5. Mrs.herman

    Good Mrng I was get a child Grant by was declined due to alternative income wat do I do I’m unemployed

    1. DFlex

      Apply for a reconsideration

  6. Nomnikelo

    Morning i am not working i but feedback came declined

  7. Phindile Penelope

    My name is phindile Penelope Manyathi will like to be reconsidered for the 350 grant . I do not know why i was declined because they pay me child grant but they decline me. I have 2 children and I’m not working please I really need this money it’s will help me alot

  8. Ronnie Mabhumbulu

    Hi i would like to be reconsidered for the grant my application was declined but i don’t recieve any income since March 2019 and that was the last time i was employed.

  9. Tshepo gift

    Hey I can’t find the reinstate button for my application that was cancelled please help find that button

  10. Paulus Sbongakonke Mncwabe

    I have applied but rejected because of UIF registration, Im no longer working and im not receiving any UIF amount, so please sort it out, thank you

  11. Ntombana nhlapo

    I havent claimed my uif payment so how come.srd wont give me.unemployment grant

    1. Musawenkosi Dlamini

      I lastly receive uif 2019, so SRD grant declines
      Says am uif registered but srd start i was getting the money
      And now sassa says am uif registered
      Can you check correctly for me

  12. Mogamat Ebrahim Wyngaart

    Hi 👋 I received a payment for UIF in June 2021 Wich was a once off payment and will not receive again and they UIF said I’m off their system and can qualify for sdr 350 but now the sassa system says UIF decline what’s the problem now

  13. Mantsha

    My name is MANTSHA yes I was registered for UIF last year but I last received my money last time around June only 2020 since from then I haven’t received any .so my sassa grant was declined for that….

    1. DFlex

      Please submit reconsideration application

  14. Slindile

    My name is Silindile Mthethwa, my grant application was declined and it says I am registered with uif, wat should I do since I am currently unemployed

  15. Luleka

    I help me plzzz
    December Approved no pay date

  16. Luleka

    December 2021 Approved but no pay date

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