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How To Cancel uif for r350?

Most sassa srd R350 grant applicants have approached us requesting how they can cancel (Unemployment Insurance Fund) uif for R350.

This is as a result of sassa declining applicants for SRD R350 due their uif registered decline.

Most of these frustrated applicants who do not know what to do are calling on SASSA to reconsider their decision of declining applications just because of UIF.

According to the criteria requirements for one to be considered for the grant unemployment grant of R350, the applicant must not be receiving uif or qualified to receive uif.

What that means is that, applicants do qualify for the grant if he is qualified to be receiving uif, but most people are not aware.

Ministry of Labour is responsible for the payment of uif and most affected applicants beseeched their premises for their grievances to be addressed.

But the Department of Labour issued a statement asking such applicants to rather be directed to SASSA.

So currently, there is no way one csn cancel uif but yiu need to apply for reconsideration or appeal so that SASSA can take a second look at your application status and do the review it. After the review, if SASSA finds out that the initial decision was wrong, it overturns otherwise the applicant is still declined.

Yo apply for reconsideration or appeal follow this link or clicking on the link below for more information and instructions.

How to Apply Reconsideration for UIF Registered Decline Status SRD R350 grant application payments

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  1. Ruth

    I failed to receive my srd sassa grant

    1. Mokgadi Rachel Rabothata

      I don’t receive my Srd R350 because I am registered to uif. Please help me or cancel my uif.

  2. Innocentia

    I want to cancel uif registration.i didn’t even do uif things

    1. Cynthia

      I want to cancel ulf

  3. Zinzi

    I didn’t receive 350 because of uif I claim it on September last year it was only R400 but still now it says decline due to uif registered

  4. Andries bonang tsitsi

    Am not getting eny money from uif please me by canceling my name

  5. Sebeko mahlodi

    Hello can you please help me to cancel my UIF ,because it cancelled my srd 350 grant I only looking forward to receiving 350 n forget about this UIF

    1. Lindiwe

      Cancel uif

    2. Thembile xichavo Hlungwani

      I want to terminate srd sassa 350 because i have been employed

  6. MAFANE pheletjo

    I don’t receive any source of income please cancel my uif I need a 350

  7. Mafane Thato

    I don’t receive any source of income please cancel my uif I need a 350

    1. mpho

      because iwant to rejest R350

  8. Rudi

    I lost my phone number so how do I get a OTP Mxm to “reconsider”????

  9. Sylvia

    Cancel my UIF thing because I don’t qualify for this R350

  10. I want to remove UIF registration because I am unemployment I didn’t receive salary…I need SRD grant

    1. Vhuthuhau Munzhelele

      Cancel uif I didn’t receive salary srd grant

  11. Daisy

    I want to deregister UIF because I font receive any income

  12. Luvuyo

    Please cancel me me on the uif I don’t it

  13. Madeline

    I want to remove UIF because I am unemployment I didn’t receive any income. I need srd grant

  14. Velaphi

    Please cancel me on Uif I don’t receive any income

  15. Jerome

    There is no UIF no alternative source of income i receive pls cancel me on uif

  16. Xolani

    Uif related declining

    1. xolani

      There is no UIF no alternative source of income i receive pls cancel me on uif

  17. Juli-ann

    i want to cancel uif

  18. Mpilo

    I want to cancel my uif

  19. Thabiso

    I don’t have any income and I’m not getting any UIF
    And it keeps on declining that I’m uif registered

  20. Stevens

    I don’t received my srd 350 because of uif registered can someone help me please my number is 0763679268 or we do toyitoyi

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