We have received a countless number of reports from most applicants taking that their SRD R350 grant for May 2022 is now approved without pay dates although we are in 2023.

After several months of pending, now some applicants can now have some sigh of relief for even the mere fact that it is approved.


We have not independently verified the authenticity of this reports going round, but we are much confident that it may be true.

This week we have seen approvals and payments going on from both the previous reconsiderations and the April 2022.


As at the time of filing this report, some applicants of reconsiderations for last year have had their applications approved with most of them having pay dates as 27th July 2022.

For those who were declined since August 2021 and submitted their appeal application can now go ahead and check their status online using the old link :


By Edna

20 thoughts on “Is your MAY 2022 SRD R350 Grant Approved 2023?”
    1. May cancelled
      June cancelled
      July pending 😏
      August not on yet I’ve never received a 350 and I’m not working

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