You are currently viewing How to Apply Reconsideration for UIF Registered Decline Status SRD R350 grant application payments

How to Apply Reconsideration for UIF Registered Decline Status SRD R350 grant application payments

How to Apply Reconsideration for UIF Registered Decline – Introduction

In case you are one of those SRD R350 grant applicants who have been declined due to UIF registered, this is what you need to do to appeal that decision by SASSA.

At some point, we are of the view that this mass decline of applicants by SASSA tagging them as UIF registered might be as a result of malfunctioning of their system.

But as we all know, SASSA can sometimes be unpredictable 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

So we have have to do the things that their system requires thus to appeal that decision.

Some who have never worked before are declined as having uif registered 😳😳😳😳, looks strange right? Thus SASSA for you.

On a more serious note, sassa has to make sure that the other government agencies they are testing applicants submitted information with are regularly updated.

A typical example is someone who applied for NSFAS funding but was not funded but meanwhile the person’s details are still in NSFAS database. Now when SASSA checks nsfas database, the applicant’s ID number is found, but sassa may not be able to determine if the applicant is currently funded or not.

So for instance, nsfas should set up a parameters such that those who are not currently funded are exempted.

Application for Reconsideration When UIF registered decline

But for the mean time, if you are declined for UIF registered, follow these steps below to submit reconsideration application.

  • Click on this link
  • When the page is loaded fully, you will be provided with space for ID number and the cell phone number that was used to submit the application.
  • After that click on the “send pin” button.
  • You may be sent a code to the number and enter it.
  • When the page is finally loaded, look for the month you are applying reconsideration for instance August 2021.
  • Besides the reason for the decline, you will see ” reason for reconsideration outcome” choose from the list the one that matches your reason for the decline, eg “not uif registered”.
  • The “outcome of reconsideration” will be pending for further review.
  • You will to wait for days so that SASSA can take a second look at the application.
  • Look at the image below for reference and advise
Uif registered reconsideration application SRD R350 appeal

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  1. Sandiso Alan

    I Sandiso Alan Langa I applied for Sassa srd grant on the day of the 05-08-2021on this contact number.And I still didn’t get it

  2. Alavia bessick

    I received UIF last year, August last year was my final payment, I tried to apply for the 350r the following month but was declined, I’m unemployed and it’s been a year since I applied, however I applied again this year August and still declined?? Why??

    1. Lindy

      Same to me and till today still decline and I don’t have any income yet

      1. Fanelesibonge

        I have signed for uif 19 but im not receiving any income

    2. ASA

      Sasa grant dicline but I don’t have another income

      1. Fanelesibonge

        Sassa grand declined but i dont any income

  3. Ziyanda

    I applied but got declined reason being alternative source of income which I know nothing and when I tried to apeal it takes me straight to july2020 which confuse me coz we are on 2021 please assist

  4. Khashane

    I don’t have a uif that uif doesn’t exit ni my profile

  5. Lindiwe gazi

    I’m not registered for uif

  6. Nkagisang Daniel Matshane

    Hi my uif ended on April but it keeps on saying declined,I’m not even working

  7. Uzalithini

    Sassa people are not so helpful

    1. Ntuthuko

      If it says declined due to other income received

  8. Lucia Kgothatso Molahlegi

    I applied but it says Uif registered which I know nothing of.

  9. I applied August on the 8th but still now nothing ..when I check the reason says Uif registered. I dont know why or what Uif is that

  10. David Masake

    I applied in 2August 3021 but declined n September pending,they tell me ABT UIF. How can I applied for SRD if I’m still getting UIF, what kind people r getting uif

  11. Jacorien

    It says uif registered and doesn’t give the option to change that when trying to appeal

  12. Sanjay Ramterath

    I do not collect uif, and have been declined. But states uif

    1. Dumsile

      I applied but it says uif registered

    2. Nolwethu

      I applied but it says UIF register😭😭

  13. William

    This SASSA thing has now been so unfair to some of us I have never got any UIF as I have never work but it keeps declining…. Geeez if our government doesn’t want to supply us with this fund they should just tell us😠😡😤😤😤😠😡😡

  14. Ronnie

    I been declined fore now reason I don’t draw money at the uif please confirm me my phone don’t want load this wap is it invaluable

  15. Hi I’m lizzy I’m trying to apply social 350 but declined says uif registered I’m not getting uif I’m unemployed really and I’m trying to repeal reinstated but refuse to process my information plz help to get help

  16. Muneeb

    I did casual but they say I have uif registered on my name how do I get it of the system

  17. Zanele

    I was also declined for uif but I last worked in November 2017. I have been getting this R350 until October 2021 all of a sudden I am registered with uif, how is that possible?

  18. Pinky

    It says cutoff register date expired

  19. Bonani Yvonne Gumbi

    My srd status was diclen for uif bt was not working.

  20. Mashudu

    My srd status was diclen for Uif but the said is expired

  21. Yolokazi
  22. violet obrou

    my status was decline due to UIF but i dont get any funds from UIF because they say it is expired.i dont know what to do now as i dont get no funds from uif no from the srd 350 from sassa.please help

  23. Fanelesibonge

    Sassa grand declined but i dont any income

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