Applicants and users of the SASSA SRD R350 grant application website where they can apply or manage their SRD R350 grant have recently seen that the module where applicants have to apply for reconsideration is no more available.

Now most of the applicants are wondering what is going as there is no official statement to that effect from the SASSA.


But sources close to SASSA indicates that, for all those previous reconsideration application have been worked on and the results to be released by June 2022 ending.

What can be inferred from that statement is that, when the outcome is finally done, applicants will have the opportunity to check their status to see if approved or declined.


There are two things here :

  • If approved, payment will be made afterwards…
  • If declined, you cannot appeal again or apply for reconsideration as the applicant has only one chance to appeal.
  • According to SASSA, if your appeal application is declined, you can only send the matter to the law courts for redress.

Now one may ask, what about the new SRD R350 grant starting April 2022, if there is any decline, whether they will still be able to appeal or not?

Yes, according to SASSA sources, there is going to a way for aggrieved applicants who still believe their decline was not legitimate to appeal.

Remember this SRD R350 grants is being worked under a nee legal framework, which we understand Department of Social Development (DSD) is going to take care of appeals henceforth.


So looking at the conversation, we can confidently say that there will another way to appeal when the SRD R350 fir April 2022 is finalized and the previous reconsideration outcomes available.

Be reminded that April 2022 payment is to start middle of the month June as contained in the statement recently issued by SASSA


By Edna

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    1. Good day
      Am Joseph Sonwabo Monwabisi Dywili .I have applied and my names were swapt now I here that I was rejected for June why if my application is still active. My mistake was in twisting my names. The web page I was given is not opening saying I was rediretect to it may times . I need help because I am in real need of the money ,am not working with no parents .Help me. Website (

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