How to Appeal UIF Registered Decline Status for SRD R350 Grant Application

A good number of SRD R350 grants applicants have been declined by SASSA for being UIF registered.

Whatever that means nobody knows. For the records, when SASSA checks the applicant’s ID number against some government agencies databases such as SARS, UIF, NSFAS etc

In case you are registered with Unemployment insurance fund, which some applicants claim they have no idea of.

Now these applicants are wondering how their names got into the UIF register in the first place and to some they have never worked before. So hoe come an unemployed person’s name found in people who are employed or have ever been employed.

SASSA should be in the best position to answer these questions but the unfortunately it is too difficult to get in touch with SASSA.

Their hotline 0800601011 is always congested and no one’s call is going through to have issues resolved.

Earlier they announced the reopening of the update of banking details, but till now it is not working and those who tried received failed error message.

How to Appeal UIF Registered Decline Status SRD R350 grant application

Appealing UIF registered decline status for SRD R350 Grant

NB: Before we look at the steps to appeal this uif registered decline, we must bear in mind that, that module is not activated at the time of writing this article, however you can continue checking because SASSA will definitely reactivate it.

Find below the steps that can be taken to appeal uif registered.

  • Go to the site
  • Enter your 13-digit ID number and the phone number used to submit the application in the fields provided.
  • After that, click on the “send pin” button beneath.
  • SASSA will send you a PIN code, just enter the pin code received on your phone number into the field provided.
  • When the reconsideration page is fully loaded, select the month you wish to appeal, for instance the month of August 2021.
  • Besides the reason for the decline in this case “uif registered” click on the drop down list and choose the one that correspond uif that is “not uif registered” and submit.
  • SASSA will then review your appeal application and gives a feedback over the time.
  • It must be noted that reconsideration application should be done every month that the applicant is declined.
  • It must also be noted that, the applicant has up to thirty (30) days to submit appeal from the date of the decline, otherwise, consider it forfeited for that month.

Let me reiterate that in case you follow the above link and receive a failed message when you click on the “send pin”, just keep trying later as SASSA is sometimes unpredictable 😩😩😩.

Take a look at this video from SASSA

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Update : those who used the above instructions to apply for the reconsideration have been approved with pay dates. If you have been unduly declined for UIF registered please do so as soon as possible because you have up to 30 days to file for a defense or reconsideration.


    1. I’m unemployed but I’m declined I don’t receive any income source I’m not working since from august I applied srd grant but I declined I’m not working

        1. I was declined for September and October 2021. The reason was I was uif registered when I have been unemployed for years with no income I even lost my home Please help…now its pending. I need help!

    2. I’m unemployed but I’m declined I don’t receive any income source I’m not working since from august I applied srd grant but I declined I’m not working

    3. It says dicline alternative source income bt I’m not receiving any income and I’m unemployed since from August

  1. I have been unemployed for a year but my application declined reason being UIF REGISTERED but i dont get any uif benefits

  2. I haven’t been working for 2 years ago but sassa has declined because of uif registered but I don’t even get the benefit,I have no income.please help

  3. Iam declined because of uif but idnt get any uif .iwas wrking at jet 10year ago after dat ididdnt work anywhere iwa in aleanership they where talking R20 everymonth but is was 4years back idnt now wheather is that 20 dat decline my 350 because now im not working .im not receiving any uif

  4. My application was declined due to uif registered..but I have never been employed in my life and I was never being registered for uif

    1. My application has declined, They say I earn UIF as I am not getting it and I visited labour offices at Mtata today they said there were no option to help I must wait for SASSA system

    1. I have been decline because of the uif but I have been jobless since 2017 and I couldn’t get my uif reason being I resigned from my previous employer.

      1. Its been almost 1 or 3 years unemployed ididnt received any thing. But I’m not qualified for srd@sassa R350. I received UIF once I received +-R1000 last years at may 2020 but still anot qualified . Please help me

  5. Hi, I am THAPELO MARI I have a complain about SASSA.Since last year I have never received R350 and they are saying I am registered for UIF and I have never been employed before I am not working.i don’t have any current income I am not working so please at least approve my application for SASSA social grant please 😭

  6. Have been unemployed since April 2020,nd I have been receiving uif till june 2021,now mu SRD application have been declined due to “another source of income”,,I need to appeal

  7. My application has declined, They say I earn UIF as I am not getting it and I visited labour offices at Mtata today they said there were no option to help I must wait for SASSA system

  8. My application has been declined because of UIF that i got last year for a period of 3months e.g August,September nd October….so i’m unemployed from last year and this year 2021

  9. I have appealed now its says pending now i dont get it my application started with pending the i received declined today now i have appealed it says pending. Can we please get help….

  10. I got declined bcse of UIF I got it once,bcse I was working for somebody was on maternity leave,for only four months,,

      1. I keep on applying and the outcome is still declined for the last 5 months due to UIF registered, I even apply on the reconsideration site but every month is the same outcome

    1. Hy i was dicline but i dont have income sorce my uif end this year july for now i don’t have income source

  11. I have received sms that my R350 application is declined due to UIF. I was retrenched from work in April 2020. I received my last UIF pay in July 2021. I have sent email for my application to be reconsidered. I have entered my ID and cellphone number on the suggested above form but I am unable to get the pin as it says my cellphone is invalid. I have used the same number I used for the application. Please assist

  12. I have been decline they said that I have Uif which I don’t know where it comes from I’ve never been employed in my life and I never I apply any anfas

  13. Hi Im David Sibisi i have like to be clere my name on UIF registered data base cause its been five unemployed .So i don’t what’s going i need your help guys

  14. Am Mphakiseng Mosia Joyce i apply R350 since from August but it decline because of income identified.its now 2 years not working or receive any income.

  15. Hy am Mphakiseng Mosia Joyce.i applied for R350 but it decline because of income identified.its now a 2 years not working or receive any income.

  16. My application decline due to source of income identified and i’m not earning any money but only social grant . i’m unemployed since April 2020 till now

  17. All these reasons are bogus.
    Just a reason to deceive the public. How is it possible that people, including myself, has no income but have been declined twice. If I was receiving an income, why would I go through this process to want to benefit from a grant?

  18. I was employed in the year of 2020 the company registered the uif for me and my contract was terminated on March 2020 since my termination date I never get any source of income I try to apply srd grants and they say am not qualified due to the uif registration

  19. Hy i was dicline but i dont have income sorce my uif end this year july for now i don’t have income source

  20. My application was declined because i was registered with uif in 2009 and I only worked for 4 months and was earning only R800 a month.

  21. Before I apply for reconsideration I need to change the number I used to apply because I lost it I dnt know how to change it plz help.

  22. I was declined for srd R350 grant by Sassa due to uif Registration even if that uif 19 expired so I went to labour they told me that uif 19expired & sassa is still continuing to deny me srd R350 so I want sassa to solve this problem

  23. I was applying for srd grant but I declined since August till now due to UIF registered bt I don’t have any income

  24. I apply for 350 grant my application was denied because of uif registered i send recocidered application when ever i check my status it says my application are pending seings from August till now and i am getting pin number when ever i check my status. I am still waiting please help.

  25. Please help me uif declined from oct,Nov,Dec,. Bt idid’t even idid not recieve any income plz plz help me 😢😢

  26. Hi there my name is Duke sins this r350 grand came up i did not receive no maney it decline bye uif registered but im not working and i do not reserve no maney from no one so can sameone help me pls

  27. I was declined but I’m not working and at labour they said i don’t have credit for Uif

  28. Since last year I declined know when I apply for the passing month they said appealing exprite

  29. my application has been declined due to UIF registered and it does not making sense to me because I only received UIF payment once, it was July 2021. when I apply for reconsideration SASSA keep on telling me about UIF registered. They gave me the toll free number to contact Department of labour about this matter, official from Department of labour advised me to go to the nearest office of the Department of labour and asked for confirmation letter, also go to police station to make an affidavit, after that I must go back to SASSA with confirmation letter and affidavit.

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