What is your current SRD R350 Status: Approved, Declined or Pending or Canceled?

What is your current SRD R350 Status: Approved, Declined or Pending or Canceled? July 2024

Since it was announced the reinstatement of the SASSA SRD R350 grant, millions more applications tendered in their their applications, this time around where caregivers were added in 2023.

Most applicants were optimistic that the defects ot the glare challenges that marred the previous SRD R350 Grant Application would have been dealt with, but the situation did not improve at all.

As we file this report, thousands of applicants are still not paid since November 2022 although approved.

Approved Without Pay Dates and With Pay Dates

For this category of people, some of which are using the post office, personal bank account and ewallet as means of payment.

They wonder why they have been approved but no pay dates and whenever they even get that slim opportunity to contact SASSA on 0800601011 toll free number, they are only told to be patient.

SASSA SRD R350 current status
Current SRD R350 Status

Common sense tells any reasonable person that, it is not right and does not make sense to put people through that stress meanwhile the purpose of the grant was to relief them of distress.

SASSA as a social welfare agency should bear in mind that, most of the applicants are already struggling with unemployment as the rate of unemployment is all time high because of the global pandemic.

It is high time SASSA up their game and be more resourceful to help these disgruntled applicants.

Others too have been approved with pay dates alright but no pay payment.

We therefore call on the Civil Society Organizations and groups to put pressure on SASSA to speed their process. One of the reasons usually put up as a defense by SASSA is that verification may take time, but that cannot be acceptable as bank verification should not take that long time to verify.

Pending Status

According to SASSA, when your application is pending it simply indicates that your application is being looked into as they request better particulars from various government agencies databases to see if indeed the applicant qualify or not.

This is quite understandable but for how long must one wait? Some have been pending for months without any proper outcome. SASSA must be able to figure out those affected applicants who fall within this category and urgently work on them as urgent as possible. These applicants livelihood depends on these grants for survival.

Cash Send or Ewallet Account Users

For the records, SASSA has indicated that their request from the National Treasury to allow banks ATM to be used by SRD R350 grant applicants to receive payments did not materialized and has therefore ask such applicants to either submit their bank account details or else post office becomes the default pay point. A copy of the SASSA statement is available here . Take a look at the image below

Cash Send users asked to update or switch to preferred bank accounts

SASSA SRD R350 Decline Status

There are various reasons why an applicant’s application will be declined. Some of the most popular reasons for the decline are listed below. For each you can click on it send you to a place where you can appeal.

SASSA has indicated that those who have been declined have the opportunity yo appeal that decision within 25 days by using the reconsideration module found on the website which is extensively explained in the link below

Canceled Application and Reinstatement

Are you one of those applicants whose application has been canceled either by system error or possibly a mistake?

According to others, some people out hate and jealousy knowing their ID number and the phone number used to apply can cancel their applications.

We have also received more complaints where people wished to reinstate their canceled application, but as i write this article, the ability to reinstate canceled application is not yet activated and SASSA is just quiet about this.

It looks as though all hope is lost as months go by and without them being allowed to reinstate. Meanwhile, they will not be allowed to reapply as whenever they try to reapply, they are told their ID numbers are already in the system’s database.

Cancel application is active but reinstate not active

If you take a closer look at the image above, it is clear that the ability to cancel is active (in yellow label) but the reinstate but is deactivated (in grey label or button)

Nobody can tell if SASSA will allow a grace period when they finally activate the reinstatement of canceled grant application.

But to our cherished visitors, we will keep updating this post as and when SASSA makes any new changes to this module.

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  1. I’ve been declined for August, September, October did appeal on all three months November is pending not even looking forward for the outcome.Im a caregiver that’s umemployed with two kids but only getting for the one a grant still need to apply for the other one

  2. Mine has been cancelled I don’t know who did this but at first was declined said alternative income of with I’m not working,I only received some small money to my relatives to help me for transportation when I need to go and look for jobs!if I check for reinstate my application it grey not allowed,plz help I really need this relieve grant.

  3. I had received 1st round of srd, I reapplied and status since Oct and now Nov states “approved ” yet stii no payment date ?

  4. Please tell me last when I check only gotR350 in Nov on my sassa card checked again no money in all is approved but Dec on pending what to do now please

  5. Ive been waiting since September for my 350 but havent received anything can it really take 4 months for payment dates

  6. Since I’ve applied I received nothing… I’ve been told to go to sassa offices and I did but still nothing I’ve been approved with date’s and others no dates wen going to the post office they tell me i haven’t been cleared yet but my money is there….so I don’t know…plz help

  7. Please reinstate for all months I am currently unemployed and was not working in 2021 except for a week part time.consider me please

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