Have you checked your SRD R350 Grant Application Status online today?


Millions of applications received so far through all the official channels announced by SASSA couple of weeks ago.

Bank Account information submitted upfront or those without bank account can choose to collect their grant from the Post Office.

Or use cash send or ewallet provided they’re registered on RICA’ed their sim cards in their name.

Now the ultimate goal at this stage is being able to check their status online for the SASSA SRD R350 grant application to find out if they are approved, pending or declined.

SASSA has attested to the fact that, hundreds of thousands of applicants are trying to apply and or checking their statuses has resulted in the application platform becoming too slow.

Numerous people are complaining that they are not able to check their status and only a message that says failed.

But in a tweet sassa responded that they are aware of the challenges applicants are facing check status and will soon resolve the issue.

They have also given the assurance that payments for August 2021 SRD R350 Grant will start 23rd August 2021 although they are nit able yo tell individual payment dates for each applicant for the mean time.

In view of this, sassa will begin approving applications and payment at the same time as SASSA tries to avoid any unnecessary stress on applicants.

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Click Here To Check SRD R350 Grant Application Status Online Balance

If you are having difficulties tracking the status of your application, please you can always contact SASSA on 0800601011 to toll free number to check status for you.

For further details read this story

Payments are currently ongoing especially those with their own bank accounts…


    1. Hi my name is Sakhumzi Malusi I’d no 7404275243084 My application was declined from last year August, reapplied again it was pending up until now.Do not understand how the system works reason for declined is uif registered which is more than eight years not working.It is very stressful.I have 3 kids and a wife I cannot maintain them as I am not working

  1. AppID999311. I received an SMS stating that Application for Sep, SRD R350.00 Grant declined due to other income received. Visit srd website to dispute outcome before 25/11/2021. I am unable to apply for dispute outcome on this Website. I am not receiving any income.

      1. Hi Ian trying to reconsideration and appeal but its showing the same, grant active,but at Sassa I was told to do it again.can iget help

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