Tymebank SASSA Payments for SRD R350 GrantTymebank SASSA Payments for SRD R350 Grant

For those applicants of SASSA SRD R350 who are using TymeBank as payment method would want to know when they will receive their monthly payments.

If you have bank account with TymeBank, you can use or submit your TymeBank bank details. When approved with pay date, wait for the payment date that appears in your status dashboard. The grant will be paid directly to the bank account and you may receive an SMS alert of cash deposit if only you have registered for that services.


Tymebank SASSA payment will be the same as all other payments dates as stated in your status.

Tymebank SASSA Payments for SRD R350 Grant
Tymebank SASSA Payments for SRD R350 Grant

Find a way to check your TymeBank account either through online, USSD or app etc.


If you use your TymeBank Account details to receive your SRD R350 grant, check first that your application status shows approved with pay dates.

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On the date of payment, check your TymeBank Account Online to see if the amount is credited to you.

You can check your status and payment date using


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