Bank Verification for SASSA SRD R350 Grant Payments 2023.

As part of the process to make payment to applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant, the applicant has the choice to choose which payment option they want to be paid 2023.

One which is more convenient and easy is the use of one’s personal bank account and over the years SASSA has always encouraged applicants to submit their bank account details upfront or update or switch payments option to their preferred bank account.

In recent times, when the Post Office stopped to be a collection or payment point, it is now crucial to use bank payment method.

When the applicant submit a bank account details, SASSA will have to check by verifying the account owner with the applicant details to make sure the applicant is the true owner of the bank account.

SASSA does this to make sure payments are not made to any random person but the applicant themselves.

This also help SASSA to see if the applicant has been receiving regular deposits into the account and if those amount can accumulate to the threshold of R350, which can determine if the applicant qualifies or not.

Even this decision can be contested as SASSA does not have proof the intent of the deposits. Thus why SASSA has given room for declined applicants to appeal.

This has become necessary because, some applicants don’t know that their bank account information submitted has to go through a series of verification systems which sometimes can take days or weeks to complete.

We have a series of articles here below that will help you to either submit or switch to your preferred bank account or how you can open bank account with TymeBank or Capitec Bank online to receive your SASSA SRD R350 grant payments with ease.

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  1. Hello its been a many days while I was approved for june and pending for April and May.i don’t understand because I didn’t change account number and it will be closed if it remains long without n income

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