Are you wondering what goes into the approval process for SASSA SRD R350 grant application.

It goes through various stages of verification process before decision is taken if the applicant should be approved or declined.


Initial Stage ~ Application Submission

This is the initial stage where the applicant is given an online forms to fill. The forms must be filled accurately. Some of the queries are the applicant’s ID number, Names, Surname, Residential address, number of years applicant has been unemployed, highest education level and citizenship.

In the case of this year’s application process, the applicant is given the chance to submit his bank account information upfront unlike the previous SRD R350 where applicants could only update or switch payments option after approval.


After successfully submitting application and banking details, an SMS confirmation message is sent to the applicant.

At this stage, the applicant will be be pending when status is checked.

Verification Process Stage

Here base on the submitted documentation, sassa will ran a series of tests and compare and retrieve data from various government agencies databases and even the bank account submitted.

Institutions such as Home Affairs Department to check the applicant’s name and ID number, citizenship accuracy.


Other agencies such as SARS, UIF, NSFAS, SASSA, GOVERNMENT PAYROLL, other government agencies responsible for aid are also checked.

Once again, if the applicant passes all these tests, the submitted bank account or ewallet is also checked to see if the applicant has been receiving regular funds. This is sometimes called a meanstest. Sassa wants to make sure that the applicant has no other source of income or livelihood.

The bank account or the ewallet account submitted must also bear the official name of the applicant, as SASSA does not want to pay grants to someone else’s bank account or ewallet.

In the case of ewallet, the phone number used to registered must have the same name as the applicant.

Until all these processes are done your status will be pending.

Decision Time – Approved or Declined

If all the tests are passed by the applicant, then the system will be able to determine whether or not approve or decline the application.

Application Decline ~ SRD R350 status

When the applicant fails even one of the tests, the application will be declined and the reason for the decline declared.

Approved Without Pay Dates

When the applicant is approved without pay dates, sometimes it means application is approved but left with the banking details verification, which when failed applicant asked to pick payments at the post office.

Approved With Pay Dates ~ SRD R350 Grant Application Status

If you are fortunate enough, and you have been approved with pay dates then your payment is ready or issued for collection.

If you submitted your personal bank account then payment is made on the same day otherwise you may have to wait for sometime to get notified for grant collection.

For Post Office Payments Dates, look at the links below for further information.

Take a look at this video by SABC media


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  1. My application is approved but I lost my phone number please help me to update my phone number please

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