1. I have been trying to switch payment method from Post Office to my personal bank account and that option is still not available on the website, how should we go about this?

    1. Luyanda, i advise you to wait for SASSA, they are likely to be activated from September, bit for the mean time you will receive your August 2021 SRD payments from the Post Office.

  2. Hey I want to change banking details to cash send because I use my sister’s bank card I heard that I won’t get it because the card is not mine

  3. Hi I’d like to know what to do if my sassa payment is approved from last year may 2020 and I did not get any payment should I go to the post office to collect?

  4. How do I check if my money is paid in my bank account. Besides going to an atm or bank. No confirmation was sent by sassa

    1. I applied on September and sassa approved the application since then i haven’t received the pay date and same thing for October approved but no pay date, i used bank account option

  5. Myne is decline for uif
    Am not working form January and stop working.
    Now i can not get eny money from uif..
    Please take me off the uif am not going to. Pay To pay any send on that ever in my life.

  6. What if I’m applying for someone srd grant BT I used my cell number….then i select cash send from absa…I do check his status its say APPROVED…did he receive money?

  7. I didn’t receive money because the simcard was blocked , so I didn’t receive a message from sassa to collect R350
    at FNB as ewallet . Is it possible that you can send it again.

  8. The money we collect this month,is it the money for August or September? Because I’ve been applied on second week of August 2021

  9. Your comment here…i didnt get my pay for this month and my payday was 14 September because i dont have a bank account can i get it as Ewallet or cashsend from Absa

  10. I applied on the 6th of August for srd grant using capitec bank then I checked my status after three weeks and its says I approved but no pay date till now I didn’t receive any sms or money,what could be the problem?

  11. I submitted my bank account details and haven’t received payment and my application is approved, can I collect payment at the post office

  12. i’ve been approved fr August bt no pay date even today nd i use ewallet as my option fr payment bt hv nt received any payment yet

  13. I’ve been approved for August and now it pending for september but no pay date and I used Ewallet as my option for payment and I haven’t receive any payment yet and I’ve lost my sim card can I go to any post office since when I check the status it says the post office is not selected please help me since I’ve lost my sim card to know where I can collect the money

    1. Ewallet or Cash Send payments have not started yet as SASSA is yet to finalize with the partner banks….

      For the sim card, try and get a sim swap 👍👍👍👍

  14. Should i rather change back to post office to get my money as i chose the cash send option an stil no paydate.should i switch back to post office collection

  15. I’m hungry cash send delays i chose this option because I thought it is easy to get the money August and September approved but no money

  16. My application is approved for August and September and I chose the personal bank account method , but I haven’t received any payment yet, even on my sassa card since I’m a caregiver who’s receiving a child support grant. So how will I know how I’m going to get paid?

  17. Hi DFlex or whomever that could assist me. So if possible could you kindly assist or advice me regarding what to do next for I have been struggling for weeks now.

    I requested for the SRD R350 Fund to be paid into my “Own Account” with Capitec I’ve receive a confirmation message indicating successful submission of the banking details.
    It’s been more that 2 months now, so I did a status check again where It stated that my Application is Complete.
    What follows is 2 text bars –
    i) the first bar with the heading “application id” followed by 6 digets(my unique application id code i presume) in the text bar.
    ii) The second text bar headed-“post office” – inside that text box – “not selected” (I believe, with a lot of doubt now, that it’s because I’ve requested for the “myown account” payment and never nominated a post office for collection)

    It has been approved for September 2021 aswell as for August 2021. Yet I have not received any payment until today. Neither have I received any sms or pay date to be able to collect at a post office(I wouldn’t/don’t even know at what post office to collect the SRD Fund-if that’s the case)

    I could imagine that there’s alot of other individuals struggling with the exact same issue.
    – So I’m Kindly asking on My own and probably on others behalf for helpful feedback regarding this issue.

    Thank you

    1. Brandon, the main issue according sources at sassa is the verification of the bank account….., i would suggest that you contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free (number might be very busy but keep trying until it goes through)

  18. I applied august received a sms is approved I went to the post office a week ago to check I was told to wait for sassa to open up a postbank account. …still waiting on sms

  19. I would like to know if my banking details states application complete and underneath post office its written not selected but it clearly tells me that my application is completed, can I go make my collection at any branch since I did not select nothing or should I just go straight to the post office?

  20. I’ve been approved for September and October using FNB eWallet but haven’t received any pay date just want to know if FNB eWallet Is active or what should I do

  21. I have applied for August this September October.. so I want to know will I still be able to get that money for three months


  23. Hi, I selected virtual post bank card … So how do I get the money now? What most I do , was approved with dates, do they send me a card number or how do I collect the money? Must I wait for a sms?

  24. I applied for srd on August and i was approved and the payday dates are there but when i go to Post office they say they didnt make a post office account for me and when i go to withdraw it from Boxer it declines what must i do?

    1. Check your payment method on the website, just make an attempt to switch or submit bank account details and check your activated payment method

    1. I think SASSA had a challenge with Cash send users. They asked them to submit their bank accounts or else the post office becomes their default payment method

        1. Ever since I have applied I did not receive my R350 I had chosen eWallet option and later changed and registered my account number but still nothing

      1. When is sassa going to fix the issue as we are left with no choice then to borrow money from others leading us into trouble

  25. my sassa has approved since august but I have not received the pay dates till date I’m very concerned on the issue as I have no where to go

  26. Hi i need help my 350 have been approved with date but did not got my money since last month i submitted my bank details but the still say pending can i go to post office to get the money

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