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Track my appeal srd

If you are among those who are declined and wish to appeal or you have already appealed but want to track the appeal status then the procedure below is the way to go:

Tracking your appeal srd status

For those who are declined and submitted your appeal application request can track your status using the old url address (this works for May 2020 to March 2022)

Enter the ID number and the phone number to request for pin number which will be submitted to you in SMS format.

Input the pin, when correctly done, choose the month you wish to track its status and.

For appeals starting April 2022 to March 2023, use this new appeal website to track status. and follow the same procedure discussed above to track the status or the progress of the appeal application.

All this procedure is very simple and straightforward for which everyone with a smartphone or computer can follow through.

Applicants are encouraged to track their appeals themselves to avoid situations where scammers can even cancel the application altogether

Id your phone number used to submit the application is no longer available, you can request to change it using the website or refer to the article below

Change or Update your phone number

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