Change or Update Phone Number Used To Apply for SASSA SRD R350Change or Update Phone Number Used To Apply for SASSA SRD R350

Are you one of those SRD R350 grant applicants who wish to update your phone number that was used to submit the application?

Many applicants have found themselves in these situations because their phones numbers are no more on their possession or not accessible to them anymore for whatever reason.


Since the post office announced they are no longer available for the SASSA SRD R350 grant payments, applicants who chose to be paid through the merchants will require their phone numbers for pin verification before payments.

In view of this, every applicant who goes to the merchants for collection unlike the post office will need the phone number readily available.


Since most applicants no longer have these numbers, SASSA has made a provision available where such affected applicants can update or change their phone numbers using the official website of the ongoing SRD R350 grant

How to Update Phone Number for SRD R350 Grant May 2024

Where to click to update phone number
The actual page where to change phone number used to apply and click on the submit button
  • Log on to the website
  • Scroll down to the section where the label has an inscription “How do I change my contact detail”
  • Click on that link labeled as “click here to change your cellphone number and /or email address”
  • When the web page is loaded fully, enter your ID number and the Application ID or AppId (which was sent to you when your application was submitted successfully as a confirmation)
  • Click on the submit button.

You can as well update your email address or add new one as follows

Update SRD R350 GRANT APPLICATION Cellphone Number
  • Enter email address if available (email must be active and functional)
  • New mobile phone number (cell phone number)
  • Click on the Submit button
  • Select the reason for changing or updating the cell phone number.
  • Enter the OTP code received on your new cellphone number…
  • Click on the Submit button

What if you don’t have your Application ID (AppId) May 2024

In a situation where there is no Application ID, follow this approach to update contact details

  • You need to know the old number that was used to submit the application.
  • Head over to the place where you can check your application status
  • Enter the previous phone number and your ID number.
  • Your Application ID will show up for you to see and continue with the earlier instructions above to update your phone number.
  • Remember you only need know the number that was earlier used to submit the application.

Cautions To Those Who Wish To Update or Change their phone number using the instructions above

  • The instructions are to help SASSA to verify if indeed you are the original account holder to avoid any attempted fraud.
  • The App ID is a six digit code that was issued during application or reapplication.
  • Request for contact details update or change can be done once in 24 hours.

This is a new update to the article below for changing cell phone number in the SRD R350 Grant Application.


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      1. Hello my Name is Luvuyo Pama ID 8005195649083 I would like to cancel my Sassa Srd R350 cause someone is getting my Money IAM not a ware

    1. I want to change my phone number but I don’t know my appli I’d number can you help please

      1. Hy i’m lutho matshange
        I want to change my number to the recent that i use here is my ID number 0309026061080

    1. My phone got stolen that i applied for sassa i did provide new number butit is not verified yet and i cant remember my old number that i register with

  1. I Someone changed the number I used to apply for srd grant and am unable to access my application and I can’t get my card money

  2. I lost my phone so I need to change my number

    Another thing is that I was receiving my srd through sassa card but now is just Approved without Pay dates from April,May, June

  3. The number i used wasn’t my number cause i didn’t have a cellphone so i want to change numbers cus I’m can’t reach the person i used her phone to submit please help i really need that 350

  4. I’ve applied last year for R350 I only got for October , November last year so I reapplied the number I used the last time to apply doesn’t wanna work anymore so I have a new number what must I do to apply again

  5. I applied in June I wasa new applicant , I entered myy information & updated my banking detail but then I try to check my status it says failed please help me because I don’t even know my application I’d when I try to check my status it says failed.

    1. My application for R350 was approved for 10 months and with the payment dates.Now I can’t access that money because they need my old cell phone number which I applied with the time R350 was introduced.I lost that number 2020.Im using the new number since 2022 I even apply with it on August 2021

  6. Someone is using my application I can’t check my status and I can’t change the number because my I’d application is invaid please help me what must I fix it that person is getting my money

  7. Hello , I need help I lost contact details I used when I applied for srd and I don’t know my srd I’d

  8. Someone just stolen my simcard and today I want to collect my R350 to buy food so how do I change those numbers

  9. I’ve changed my number via SRD website so how long does it takes to be updated on system so i can keep out money on merchant because when i go there they said the numbet is unregistered but it works when i check my application status

  10. Hii I need some help I would like to reapply for my srd but I don’t remember the cellphone number or appId of my application. The last I received money was march 2022 someone please help

  11. How to Change Your SRD Phone Number Without an Application ID? Did your cellphone number or email address change after you applied for the SRD R350 grant? If yes, here are the steps to update your contact details for the SASSA Covid-19 SRD grant below, even without an Application ID.

  12. It’s crucial to let SASSA know about your updated contact information as soon as possible. This will ensure that you don’t miss any important messages they might send you.

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