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Confirmed! Reconsideration Payments Are Currently Ongoing – SASSA SRD R350

We have received numerous reports from various sources of applicants especially those who use bank account as payment options that some R350 have started hitting their accounts.

Upon further checks, it became clear that as SASSA has earlier promised that they were working tirelessly on the reconsideration or the appeal so that payments can be made.

Some applicants have started sharing screenshots showing the payments received.

This come as a sigh of relief for these applicants who have waited for several months after submitting their appeal applications.

SASSA started the payment dates from August 2021 and is likely to continue till March 2022, thus the end of that SRD R350 grant payments cycle.

SASSA SRD R350 Reconsideration Payments

So far the only way to check your appeal or reconsideration status is yo contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free, although SASSA has promised to restore the reconsideration module on the website.

In a couple of days, SASSA took off the reconsideration module from the website, and applicants did not know how to check their status online anymore unless they voice call SASSA.

Whenever you place a call to the SASSA call centre on 0800 60 10 11, just be patient until some staff picks the call, don’t just hang up, because after all you don’t pay for it, it is a toll free number.

For those not using the banks, you will have to use the Merchant as Post Office no more available for collection of the SRD grant.

To collect your grant from the Merchant like USave or Shoprite etc, you take along your cell phone number that was used to submit the application and your ID for verification purposes.

Read Also the article below to Change or Update Phone Number Used To apply for Grant

Update Or Change Cellphone Number Used To Apply For SASSA R350 SRD R350 Grant Application

One Facebook user shared his story this way


Halala I just called SASSA again today regarding my reconsideration status and I’m told

Dingaan – Facebook user

August 2021 (Approved pay date 15 June)
September 2021 (Approved pay date 17 June)
October 2021 (Approved no pay date yet)


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  1. Timothy Jonathan conradie

    Ive been waiting since last year august…no payments for the latter month including september October and November…what dumbstrucks me most is…i was approved for December,January,February AND march…i really dont know the reason for those 4months withholds

  2. Thebekgolo S. Mphenete

    Since from 2020 when the Grant was introduced, I was declined but to my surprise I was only approved from December 2021 til March 2022(4 months) I applied for reconsideration for outstanding months but to date I haven’t received any payment.

  3. franco

    how can i check my april,may,ju
    ne status application dates

  4. Gracewienne Heuwel

    Good morning I’ve applied for reconsider since last year august and was pending every month now reconsider is of I keep phoning sassa but don’t get any answer cause phone keeps going off would like to know my status please

  5. Silindile

    Hy I’m still waiting for October and November I’m already get August and September. But this time I’m decline again and they no reconsideration anymore please help what must I do coz I phone them but they don’t pick up the phone

    1. DFlex

      If you are declined for reconsideration or appeal, you cannot appeal again unless the High Court

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