Some applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant application have noticed that, their June 2022 appeal status has been approved.

Since the new SRD R350 was announced and started in April 2022, SASSA has done its best to make sure that this time around the right thing is done right away from the beginning ongoing in 2023.


First they decided to clear the backlog of the reconsideration applications and payments which started going on since last week for which those whose appeal applications were approved has confirmed.

Currently, April, May and June are appearing on the SRD R350 Grant dashboard when checking status.


Yesterday, a video shared online purported to be coming from the CEO of SASSA, updating the way forward for the grant indicated that the June payments will start next week from 22nd June and the arrears for April and May will continue till July and August each month’s payment will go alongside.

Copy of the video is available below to watch.

SASSA CEO Updating SRD R350 Grant Application Status

But it has to be noted that, not all applicants have been approved for June 2022 and even those who are approved are currently not having pay dates, but thus a good sign that payments will actually be made afterwards.

Payments are to start from Wednesday, 22nd June 2022 for the June payments and April and May be made in July 2022.


Keep sharing this with your friends and family members who have also applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant.

To check your appeal status log on to


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