We have received numerous confirmed reports that the April 2022 module of the SASSA SRD R350 grant has been approved, applicants can now check their status online.

We have confirmed this ourselves, when we checked others status this morning although May 2022 is pending.


What we saw was that, almost all those who are approved do not have pay dates yet and we believe that SASSA will give the pay dates in the course of the week.

It has to be acknowledged however that not all are approved others are still pending and we hope since approvals has started, it will definitely get yo their turn.


SASSA is processing millions of applications every month and some of the approval procedure depends on third-party service providers especially the banks, which has been the main challenge causing much delays.

For this reason, some applicants are still pending for June 2022 whilst others are approved with pay dates but no payment and others approved with no pay dates at all.

Cash Send users have been asked several times to switch to their preferred bank account or merchant (formerly Post Office), as SASSA no longer paying through their EWALLET or Cash Send.

Why don’t open a Capitec Bank or TymeBank Account Online for SASSA SRD R350 Payments using the links below:



By Edna

13 thoughts on “Check Status April 2022 SRD R350 Is Approved”
  1. My June was approved with date and I even got paid. Is there a reason why the April and May are still pending?

  2. Mu june was approved with date and i even pan. Is there a reason whyy the April and May are still pending

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