Why April and May 2022 SRD R350 Still Pending?

Some applicants of the SASSA SRD R350 grant are wondering why their June 2022 status approved some with pay dates but April and May 2022 are still pending.

The simple response is that, that is what SASSA has chosen to do with regards to the payment arrangement.

In a video seen on YouTube and shared by SASSA on Twitter last week, the SASSA CEO reading a statement on the latest update as far as the SRD R350 Grant and reconsideration payments are concerned, made it clear June 2022 payment will start this week precisely by 22nd June, which is Wednesday.

And the April and May becomes arrears which will be paid in July and August respectively.f

It is clear that some of the months may see multiple payments in the same month if what she was saying is anything to go by.

Watch and listen to the video below for more insight

SASSA SRD R350 grant payments Updates by SASSA CEO

We have seen most applicants are approved with pay dates starting feom Wednesday 22nd June 2022.

To check your application status, you can use this link to check your status https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/status

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  1. Mine it is declined because I am getting child grant for my kid And My Mother get the child grant for my two kids
    I am not working I don’t know what’s the problem because they only transfer it just for only two Months

  2. Mine it is pending for more than 2 weeks nw, nd am not working I don’t know what’s going on because I only received R350 for three months only this year last year I didn’t received any and am getting a child grant for one child I really need this money nd it was showing pending for 3 months nw June ig says self what what I don’t know

  3. My June status is declined ..I dont understand..because I’m a single mother if 4 dont even have place to stay dont even afford to buy food dont afford to buy clothes for the kids..

  4. I’m a mother of whose trying all her best for my 18 year old do get full uniform by seving my 350 don’t know why I don’t get it now…

  5. My response was alternative sources of income that’s why, and don’t know why because I’m not working, and my son as well his still at school was depending on it by getting some school stuff 😑…

  6. Iam still waiting for may and and april since last year i have not received any 350 i say 45kilometers from town and walk to go and see i phoned i have send email my dad has passed on so he cant help me no more whay is it taking so long when i phone no numbers work i really need my money please

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