MTN Phone Deals 2022 – Ultimate Choice

MTN PHONE DEALS – Quick Overview

Africa’s biggest Telecommunication company MTN has always been improving lives from all corners of Life, from its several deals, as you can name a number of them. The MTN phone deal won’t be a new one but in 2022, MTN has stepped up with its interesting deals to the catch-all.

For a long time now, technology has been a part of human existence, to some extent, we can barely work properly without this life-changing innovation, however, especially in Africa Technology has been a very big issue, as it is yet to cover various homes and individuals. That is why MTN is working so hard to make life much easier for everyone with its offers.

MTN has long introduced its MTN contract where existing and new customers can sign up to get interesting offers such as the MTN SIM-only contracts, MTN SIM and Device, and Handset-only. These contracts could be offered from Month to month, 24 months, or 36 months.

What is MTN Phone Deals?

Now, this deal falls under the Handset-only or SIM and Device contract which offers great deals of affordability. Imagine you want a gadget that does almost everything you need, providing the world at your fingertips. MTN has introduced the MTN Phone deals, to make it convenient for everyone to get that desired mobile phone.

MTN Phone Deals 2022

Top phone companies such as Apple, Samsung, Oppo, And many more others are on this list. You don’t have to struggle to get that pocket tearing Phone, you know how expensive getting a world-class Apple mobile phone could be but with MTN phone Deals, it is as easy as getting a pack of cookies. Take for example; iPhone 11, 64GB with Mega flex Airtime for a time plan goes for R679 every month for 24 months, this deal seems to be a great one, with this, you are getting very good Airtime for the next 24 months at a conducive installment.

Why would you be glad for MTN Phone Deals?

For every Phone you purchase, you get a discount at its best rate, guaranteed, and buy at ease. Why you would also like to go with MTN Phone Deals, it is the convenience of payment, you don’t have all the amount to get the phone of your dream. That is why the installment payment has been introduced, you can choose to pay up to 24 months, how convenient this could be to own that dream phone. With MTN phone deals you are good to go.

What are the requirements for MTN Phone Deals?

Because MTN cares and wants to make life much easier, you are eligible for a deal as long as your records are clear, though there are some background checks, which don’t require much information. you are to provide,

  • National issue ID/ a government ID, however, your Passport can stand in place of your National ID
  • Also, because this payment is spread, there would want to be sure of your income flow, so you have to provide a kind of proof of income
  • Your bank statements, with this, will have to check how well your budget looks, and this would be at least three months.
  • and lastly, your proof of residence, before any contract is signed at least they have to verify your residence, so you can actually provide any of your utility bills, this could be an Electricity Bill or some sort of Levy statement which would carry your residence address.

and with this, you are good to go for the signing up, for the MTN Phone deal, remember, this process has to be done at the MTN store. However, with this Pandemic, the process can be done online, so you can get started with your journey to getting that phone.

Note: As a visitor or a student in South Africa you cannot purchase a mobile deal unless you are a permanent resident.

There are a lot of listed brands you can go for on the platform, ranging from Apple, Hisense, Huawei, LG, Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Vivo, and others also sort them by their prices, so you can select which is more convenient for you. You can visit the Yellow Trader page to get the phone deal main catalogue, you get to see all phones with their prices and features before you order. This catalogue is usually uploaded on a monthly basis.

once this is completed, you can then wait for a response, then you select the device you would like to get, after all these have been verified, your package would be delivered to you at your doorstep, remember the phone deal can be within the range of 24 to 36 months, which certainly would come to an end then, you can apply for another.

The MTN Phone deal is a great deal for many who struggle to acquire gadgets, as we all know getting those nice and expensive phones could be a real tough one, once you are on this deal, it is certain you have to finish up with it, however, if you plan to cancel the deal, you could actually reach out to MTN customer care line 135 while you speak to an agent who will guide you through the process of cancellation as also outstanding balance would need to be paid which the breakdown would be provided. You can as well send a mail to [email protected], a response would be sent to follow up on your request. Don’t forget to give a 20 days notice.

It is also good to note that with the MTN Phone deal, you can own more interesting gadgets as long as one is completed you can then upgrade or opt-in for another.

MTN Phone Deals Sim Only Package

As stated earlier, there are other deals or contracts you can upgrade to, one interesting contract is the MTN SIM-only contracts with an interesting data plan to suit your needs. Here you can choose from the various MTN SIM-only deals, such as,

  • MTN Mega Talk Sim-only
  • MTN Mega Gigs Sim-only
  • My MTN Flex Sim-only
  • My MTNchoice Data Sim-only
  • My MTNchoice Data Sim-only (month-month)
  • My MTN Sky Sim-only.

All of these come with their special and interesting packages to keep you connected to friends and families, South Africans can enjoy these endless offers, anyone can and are eligible for these deals. As in the MTN Mega Talk Sim-only which provides you with various plans, you can choose to go for The MTN Mega S, M, L, XL, or XS which provides you with different interesting offers, for example, the MTN Mega XL, which goes for R599 and R619 Per Month which has to go for 24 months subscription or R779 Per month for (month-month), gets interesting deals, 750 minutes for MTN to MTN also 750 minutes of call time for MTN to other networks. 4G Data of any time and also 4GB of Social and added value of R30 for international calls.

If you are more concentrated on Data then you can opt-in for My MTNchoice Data Sim-only with a robust Data offer. One of its Mega Deal gives you 80GB in total, 50GB anytime Data, 30GB Night express, and a bonus of 30GB YouTube streaming bundle which goes for R199 per month for 24 months subscription.

So to get started you can visit any MTN store close to you, bring along a device, sign up and get a sim card with your Sim-only contract and enjoy the endless and seamless connection to the best Mobile network.

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