Rethabile Khumalo currently fighting for her life in the hospital after allegedly poisoned by a friend – Her mother, Winnie Khumalo cries

Singer Winnie Khumalo seeks prayers for her Rethabile girl, who is facing a serious health crisis following suspected poisoning.

South African music legend Winnie Khumalo offered a heartfelt prayer to her fans and supporters while her daughter Rethabile Khumalo was fighting for her life in the hospital. He shared the following on social media:

The 27-year-old lady has been hospitalized for several days and her family is asking Mzansi to pray for his speedy recovery.



Winnie made an announcement about her health to Rethabile fans.

‘We spent six days in the hospital. .. So I decided to be the only participant to share this sad news with my supporters. ..They took her for 3 surgeries, we hope Rethabile Khumalo will recover as soon as possible, but her condition is not good right now. .. .gone and went. .. Please keep her in your prayers when you pray. .. .The Challenge of Parenting’

She posted on her IG page;



Musician Winnie expressed her sadness to Daily Sun. “I’m not feeling well right now. We’re praying for her recovery. She’s still in the hospital right now. We hope she recovers as soon as possible,” she said

Rethabile has faced serious problems in recent years. He survived a car accident in 2020, and in 2022, he began talking about his struggle with depression and attempted suicide.

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