SASSA SRD R350 grant applicants are quite not sure as to whether there will be a double payments for July 2022 SRD R350.

Why are they wondering, because we are already in the month of July almost closing the first week of the month and the arrears for April 2022.


Last month, SASSA announced that the April 2022 payment will be effected in July and if that is the case then July payment is also due in July.

SASSA has made it clear that, there would not be any double payments at once like being paid R700 together but there will be a multiple payments like R350 in second week and R350 in the third or fourth week.


It has been very hectic task for SASSA, because even as at now, applicants are expected to have been paid three times for the month of April, May and June 2022 and be now waiting for July 2022 payments.

Double Payments for July 2022 SRD R350 SASSA

For four months but only one month, that’s June month has been paid as applicants are anxious about when is the next SASSA payment.

Even the June 2022 payments, not all are paid due to the following reasons :

  • Bank Verification still pending
  • Payment option not submitted
  • June status still pending
  • Approved Without pay dates
  • Approved with pay dates but no payment.

Even with this so-called multiple payments which was announced by SASSA CEO, (refer to the video below), applicants can’t truly trust that.

SASSA CEO announcement

SASSA must up their game and take the bull by its horns and do the needful. If it requires that they need to hire more workers to help, why not.

Because the way the grants are being paid, they are simply not serving its purpose as a “relief” grant to help those who are in need.


By Edna

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  1. Bedel Junior Gnape I applied for SRD Grant it was approved in June 2022, but I did not receive an SMS. unfortunately, I am not in possession of a mobile phone so I am using my mother’s mobile number.

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