For more than three weeks the March module appeared on the SRD R350 Grant dashboard from pending to approved.

Up to now, no one has pay dates showing. Although, it is obvious the the payment will continue at the post office after the regular SASSA payments on the 12th April 2021.


But people are worried why there seems to be an unusual delay in the payment of the SRD R350 grants following the second extension over the grant.

Even those who have been approved with pay dates for February have still not received their money at the bank and post office.


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All that SASSA is saying they have a backlog of payments without telling the recipients the exact issue and how long it will take to resolve the issue.

We are only hoping that this week, pay dates will start appearing and payment for the month of March will continue.

When the extension was confirmed by the president in one of his previous speeches, SASSA advised R350 grant recipients to have their own bank accounts for the collection of the grant.


But most people who have switched from the Post Office to their preferred bank are in limbo not knowing what actually is happening.

They have been approved long time without pay dates, some since December 2020.

The worrying aspect is that when one contacts sassa the only response is that they are aware and working on it.

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For how long will Sassa take these crucial issue for granted, some even presume that SASSA might have ran out of funds.

Some who are approved with pay dates go to the post office only to be told there is no money.

The grant extension will soon come to an end in April and some are urging sassa to pay double to cover the months of March and April.

For Christ sake, sassa must wake up and live it to its fullest expectations because the frustration is getting worse.

Payments are currently ongoing


By Edna

22 thoughts on “SASSA SRD R350 March (April) Updates and Payments Dates”
  1. Since January till now been approved without paydates.
    2weeks back i called sassa and they said the bank is still veryfying my question is until when because this month it’s the last month of the srd R350

  2. I am not happy at all with the management of post office, they treat people like hungry dogs when they get there to collect their money and it’s theirs weather they like or not the president said, we are paying a lot of taxes for those poor people to receive something since there’s no job and those uneducated management there treat people like dogs forgeting they are there also because of their sisters and brothers put them there kabo tsotsi, this has to stop, all they have to do is to do their job as they were directed finish and stop talking nonsense to our people that money is not from their pockets.

  3. Around me is people who depend on the SRD income who have no food in they houses and wait for payment since January who start eating birds now..
    with no hope in sight….This is ridiculous,,!!
    Sassa is n fuckt up!!!! The money is there but they are not in the position to manage and make payments to the poor people out there…so there’s no hope for SA…

  4. Yhoooo,we’ve been waiting for these 350 for so long but why guys some of us are depending on this money to buy food and other stuff but now we don’t know what is going.U gave us the date of 19 April to collect our money at pist office but there’s no money but why are u guys doing this to poor people plz let us know when wi’ll get this money

  5. I have been approved for the SRD R350 GRANT for November, December 2020 and January, February, March, April 2021 BUT HAVEN’T RECEIVED ANY MONEY. NO PAY DATE, NO MONEY PAID INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT. HOW LONG MUST I STILL WAIT?

    1. Me too I’ve been approved for November December and January but February March and April still pending but no money yet sassa is not making nice

  6. My paydate was today (26April2021) March Month were only paydate Set..what must I do ..too receive March Payment??..Ive already received April’s Grant..only March ..which are Approved. .but no date

  7. I apply but is diclined because of UIF but my uif money it’s says it’s finished since August and My husband declined because of income but he is not working since last year even now it’s declined

  8. It has approved for August and September they don’t have pay day but October approved and have pay day which was on 25 how can month that is the last have pay day but those are before doesn’t have??

    Please help me

  9. Hi I want to know… i have been approved for September October and November i am with capitec BANK all my information is right but i still havent received any payments… wot should I do

  10. Hello everyone my application was approved but no pay day for June and April I don’t know what to do from last year I was receiving my R350 on sassa card so now I’m stack please I really need help because I need that money🙏🏼

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