SASSA SRD April 2021 Payment Dates

SASSA SRD April 2021 Payment Dates

Post Office has served notice that the first week of the month of April will be reserved for the payment of SASSA Old Age, Disability grant, Child Support Grant and day the rest of the recipients.
Below is the statement

“Post Offices will not be able to pay R350 grants from 1 to 9 April 2021. The week is reserved for beneficiaries who receive old age grants, disability grants and child grants”

Find below the payment schedule for post office payments SRD R350 starting second week April.

Here are the paydays for the second week of April for R350 grants:
12 April : 081 & 086
13 April : 082 & 087
14 April : 083 & 088
15 April : 084 & 089
16 April : 080 & 085
The digits at the end are the last 3 digits of your ID number.

Third Week of April :

April for R350 grants:
19 April : 081 & 086
20 April : 082 & 087
21 April : 083 & 088
22 April : 084 & 089
23 April : 080 & 085

Week Four

April for R350 grants:
26 April : 081 & 086
27 April : No payment
28 April : 082 & 087
29 April : 083 & 088
30 April : 084 & 089


  1. Hi everytime I’m going to the post office there is no money how is that possible but it was approved February March

  2. Hi my name is Zainap.dollie i ddnt recieve money form sassa sins showes approve but no pay date.i don’t knw must i go to the post office or what should i do..I got my money before every month..thanks

    1. I try to apply my 350 but i get nothing on Tuesday i was there to sasa to report my problem but they pass me on these app

    2. What about those of us who has a banking acc. registered with SASSA for SRD?. I am approved March and April 2021 but no paydates? Why?

  3. My sibling had applied last year on May but when he try to check it shows outcome declined and he lost hopes now because he don’t know what must he do

  4. Hi I checked .my grant it’s approved but can’t access money from post office they said I must go find out from sassa but getting there they said they can’t help me so I been waiting for my money for eleven months don’t know what to do can anyone help pls

  5. Hi way all the time the is no payment but approved please post office is at town we take taxi to go the but no payment it’s very hard to our children

  6. I applied last year July namanje angikayitholi ande angasebenzi angina bazali ngicela unqedo please

  7. As the first applications open online 2020 I apply and each time they declined my application stated im irp 5 registered and every time I appeal as im unemployed for more than four years, sending my CV out without success. Eventually they approved me for March and April as I phoned the call center stated that I appeal every time, and the lady Kerry said that April grand will be paid to me on the 10Aug. As I went online the status say declined again. With no income no work, apply and appeal every time I only got approved once. This is a loosing battle im fighting and how approved me for only one month. This is so unfair and not realistic on how they considered the matter. Same with Aug application stated on my status pending, as some people I know is working but get grand every month. Hope you will be able to look into this matter please.

  8. My was decline.. I made n mistake with my surname.. MCKAY INSTEAD OF Mc Kay.. Plz help never collect any money from April 2021

  9. Sassa everybody wants who reapplied is wondering why.. ? We need to survive somehow.. if there is not enough money for all the people who applied why is our government giving money to people that are not South African… during the lockdown it was understandable because they couldnt go anywhere.. there is policies in place between sub-saharah countries.. why just open the gates 1 administration… SOUTHERN AFRICAN UNITED STATES..countries like zimbabwe mozambique zambia.. if their is one administration every country that would fall under the SAUS would have same constitution same rights nobody would kill each other for food parcels there would be education for all no rogue presidents.. Today SA is flooded with people who has no education.. no money no skills accept hand labour and these people receive money from SASSA..doesnt matter what grant every grant going to a foreigner is a grant that could’ve gone to a South African. Why are we paying for foreigners.. countries where you only get accepted if you can take money with you are countries with less then 10% unemployment minimum crime social services to help people with jobs cloths food educational programmes. It is time that SA’s government look out for the people of SA. SA does not belong to all who lives in it.. It belongs to everyone who was born in this country… at least 5 generations of your familytree born SA that classifies you as a South African. People coming to SA to have a baby get social grant for that baby get grant for disability.. People of SA has their own people to take care of and own inhouse issues to sort out.. I have nothing against foreigners.. just think why would a mother and father of a household cook food in their kitchen.. then take that food to the neighbours house and come and tell their own kids.. sorry no food for tonight.. and dont complain you had half slice of bread this morning. Charity begins at home SASSA

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