SASSA has announced a new payment schedule for the SASSA regular grants payments such as Old Age Pension Grant, Disability grant, Child Support Grant Payment, etc.

On Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022, in Facebook post, SASSA announced their resolve to adjust payments plan due to the outcry of grants recipients.


Previously, prior to the global pandemic, Grants payments were all made on the first day of every month. But during the peak of the global pandemic, in an attempt to make sure congestion is not created at various pay points, the payment dates was adjusted again usually starting from the 3rd of the month.

SASSA Facebook Post Announcement for New Payment Dates

But the new schedule seems to create is to bring the payment dates starting from the second day of the month unless it holiday or weekend, then it will be pushed to the next working day.


For instance, using April as an example, 2nd day of April 2022 is Saturday and the next day too is Sunday (weekend), therefore the next working day is Monday on the 4th.

They have also maintained old Age Grant being paid first followed by the Disability grants and Child support grants payments with the rest continue on the third day.

Still using April 2022 as an example, below is the schedule for the SASSA Payments Dates :

  • Old Age Grant Payment Dates including linked accounts – Monday, 04/04/2022
  • Disability Grant Payment including linked accounts – Tuesday, 05/04/2022
  • Child Support Grant Payment Dates and others – Wednesday, 06/04/2022

SASSA Payments Dates for April 2022


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  1. I applied for the R350 since last year and it’s been declined until I apply for reconsideration its pending starting from February till now it’s till pending.

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