SASSA Grants Payments Calendar for 2021 and 2022 and SRD Payments Dates

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We have all the payment dates for the SASSA Regular Payments such as Child Support Grant, Old Age /Pension Grant, Disability grant etc.

Currently SASSA is also paying social relief of distress (SRD) to applicants either through their personal bank accounts or via the post office across the country.


For the payment of SRD through the post office, Post office has a payment schedule depending on the last three digits of the applicant’s ID number.

For Old Age /Pension Grant Payment Date, click below


SASSA Old Age /Pension Grant Payment Dates

For Disability Grant Payment Dates, Click the link below



SASSA Disability Grant Payment Dates 2021

For Child Support Grant Payment Dates 2021 or other grants, click on the link below


Child Support Grant Payment Dates

For the SRD R350 Grant Post Office Payments Dates, Click on the link below


SASSA SRD PAYMENT April 2021 Post OfficeΒ 


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  1. I have been paid all months enough starting from May to October but November payment of Sassa pessist to give me a date of payment till now can someone tell me how can i solve this problem please

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