You are currently viewing SASSA Disability  Grant Payment Dates 2021/2022
SASSA Grant Payment Dates 2021

SASSA Disability  Grant Payment Dates 2021/2022

SASSA Disability  Grant Payment Dates 2021/2022

Welcome to this page. We bring you the official SASSA grants payment dates from 2021 to 2022.

Note that, per the arrangement due the global pandemic to ensure social distance, payments are not made on the first day of the month.

Secondly, old age, disability and child support grants are paid on different days.

This will help reduce congestion at thy end various pay points across the country.

Be reminded that, until any official statement to that effect, this dates remain the only dates from now till March 2022.

Please note that all other grants linked to the disability grant card or account are paid along.


Wednesday , 7th April 2021
Wednesday , 5th May, 2021
Friday , 4th June 2021
Wednesday , 7th July 2021
Wednesday , 4th August 2021
Monday , 6th September 2021
Wednesday , 6th October 2021
Thursday , 4th November 2021
Thursday , 2nd December 2021


Wednesday , 5th January 2022
Friday , 4th February 2022
Friday , 4th March 2022

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  1. Julia

    Hello,I didn’t receive my child support grant since February

    1. DFlex

      Have you contacted SASSA for clarification?

      1. Khulekani Welcome

        I did a SRD 350 reconsideration.

  2. Chantel

    Hi i didnt receive my sassa grand 350 since des untill now it shows approved but no pay date,and i did call sassa plenty times

  3. Adele Robertson

    I missed my doctor’s appointment on 19th January 2022. How do I make a new one?

  4. Jacob

    I have no payment 350 April,may and june

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