SASSA Payment Dates 2021 – Introduction

SASSA payment dates are a very important and a key event for all SASSA Grants Recipients across the country.


Indeed thus their pay dates for the ensuing months as they get ready to cash out and buy groceries and other few things for their livelihoods.

It is the time Older people get their monthly stipend and make some payments either for hospitals or food items or for insurance or for rent. Mothers also use the child support grant to buy basic needs for the kid.


Every here and then, most of these beneficiaries of the grant want to know their payment dates for the particular year.
Below you will find the payment dates officially released by SASSA.

It must, however, be noted that the SASSA payment dates have been slightly adjusted due to the global pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, payments were made at the beginning of the month unless the month starts on weekends or holidays, then it is shifted to the next working day.

But after the adjustment, in an effort to reduce the number of people going to the various pay points to collect their cash, SASSA decided Old Age Grant, Disability grant and Child Support Grant Payment are made on different dates in order.

SASSA Payments Dates
SASSA Payments Dates 2021

In view of this, the Old Age or Pension Grant are done first usually starting on the 3rd of every month, follows by Disability grant and follows by the child support grant paid together with other grants including foster care grants, etc.


The payments are made every month, so in this case June have the following payment dates for various categories of grants.

We have listed below the payment dates from June to December 2021. It must be noted that all grants especially child support grants, associated with old Age grant or disability grants will be paid on the same dates for the respective grants.

SASSA Payment Dates 2021 and Calendar

SASSA Payment Dates 2021 for Old Age /Pension Grant

1. June – 3rd June 2021
2. July – 6th July 2021
3. August – 3rd August 2021
4. September – 3rd September 2021
5. October – 5th October 2021
6. November – 3rd November 2021
7. December – 1st December 2021

sassa Payment Dates 2021 for Disability Grant

1. June – 4th June 2021
2. July – 7th July 2021
3. August – 4th August 2021
4. September – 6th September 2021
5. October – 6th October 2021
6. November – 4th November 2021
7. December – 2nd December 2021

SASSA Payment Dates 2021 for Child Support Grant and All other Grants

1. June – 7th June 2021
2. July – 8th July 2021
3. August – 5th August 2021
4. September – 7th September 2021
5. October – 7th October 2021
6. November – 5th November 2021
7. December – 3rd December 2021

SASSA has always advised that there is no need for a panic withdrawal or be pressured to withdraw the grants on the same day of payment as the money will still be available. This will provide an opportunity to reduce overcrowding at the various Post office and other pay points. Due the global pandemic, SASSA as stakeholder on the management of the virus, has made this arrangements to make room for social distance.

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Always keep your SASSA card at a safer place and don’t share pin with anyone as the PIN is the only security available to recipient or the card owner.

If you have any challenges regarding the payment of your sassa grant, it is better and more prudent to officially report to sassa offices and not to rely on strangers anywhere, Keep your ID and other personal information safely away from easy access. In case, someone have to so on your behalf, it should be somebody you trust

It you have any comments or suggestions or feedback on this article, just a leave a a comment in the comments section below and we promise to follow up for the Payments.


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  1. Hi I haven’t received my 350 social relief grant since applied last year. Just checked then I see an approved message but no name for a post office

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