Please find below the schedule for the SASSA Payment Dates for September 2021 and the payment calendar for 2021 and some part of 2022. SASSA payment dates for September 2021.

It has to be noted that this is an official payment dates from SASSA.


SASSA Payment Dates for September 2021

MonthOld Age Disability GrantChild Support Grant
August 20213rd4th5th
September 20213rd6th7th
October 20215th6th7th
November 20213rd4th5th
December 20211st2nd3rd
January 20224th5th6th
February 20223rd4th7th
March 20213rd4th7th
SASSA Child Support Grant Payment Dates For February 2022

It has to be SASSA Payment Dates for September 2021 . Read Also: SASSA SRD PAYMENT DATES AND STATUS CHECK




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