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SASSA R350 Payments Dates and Status Check


Find below the post office payments dates for the SASSA R350 grants.

SASSA made a new arrangements to pay the temporary grant SRD R350 grant through the post office using the applicant’s last three digits of his or her ID number.

The IDs ends with the following code : 080, 081, 082, 083, 084, 085, 086, 087, 088, 089.

For each of the payment days, two set of applicant whose IDs appear or having the day’s three digits.

Since Post Office is not only used to pay SRD, but the regular SASSA payments, srd have to be on hold until Child Support Grant and the rest are paid.

SASSA R350 Payments Dates for July 2021

Starting Monday 12th July 2021, as follows :

  • 12th July 2021 – 080 & 085
  • 13th July 2021 – 081 & 086
  • 14th July 2021 – 082 & 087
  • 15th July 2021 – 083 & 088
  • 16th July 2021 – 084 & 089

Next Payments Week

  • 19th July 2021 – 080 & 085
  • 20th July 2021 – 081 & 086
  • 21st July 2021 – 082 & 087
  • 22nd July 2021 – 083 & 088
  • 23rd July 2021 – 084 & 089

Next Payments Week

  • 26th July 2021 – 080 & 085
  • 27th July 2021 – 081 & 086
  • 28th July 2021 – 082 & 087
  • 29th July 2021 – 083 & 088
  • 30th July 2021 – 084 & 089

Please be reminded to go to the post office only if you have been approved with pay dates. Go along with your ID card

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  1. sharezaad

    sharezaad I am still waiting on confirmation of pay dates since may 2020 to October 2020 I have been declined and then I have been approved from November 2020 to April 2021 but not received any money yet from sassa via the post office yasis really now this is mos not lekker without any money for so long

    1. Ntombikayise Nkwali

      I have been approved but no payday

      1. Tshepo Masongwa

        Hi My name is Tshepo Masongwa and I have applied 3months ago for R350 grants. I have been approved for all this passed 3 months and I have not received any funds and when I go to the post office they say it is not paid. Please assist going forward

  2. Sinazo Mkhangelwa

    I did apply for Sassa R350 payment but I didn’t get a response, I’ve been waiting for confirmation since last year

  3. Tanya

    Dates for August plz .for R350 pay outs.

  4. Nathan

    I was approved last year already but never went an fatch so i change it to my bank account but still no payment yet

    1. DFlex

      Hello Nathan, please contact Post office on the toll-free number 0800727272 to find out if if you still have R350 grants there.
      Your bank account has to be verified by SASSA before payment can be made. If only you are approved with pay dates

      1. Thabang

        Hello I change my bank details for srd R350 but still no pay day how can I deal with this situation

      2. Seleta

        Since I apply I didn’t get money it wrote approved by doesn’t show date or place where I have to collect it

  5. Jonathan Nephali

    i would like to know August dates

  6. levern

    hi i lost my id but got new one no

    1. levern

      le-vern lester esau id no:7211205153089

    2. Phindile

      I registered August they say approved but I’ve never received the R350 until now. When i check wish my id it’s says active how🤷

  7. Paballo

    Hello my Name is Paballo …& I have applied for 350 sassa grant …it said I have approved but I am still waiting for my money …& when I applied i used to my bank details but still there is no response..most of people who have applied have received their 350 on 30August 2021 but Me I am still waiting for it ..

  8. Rapelang

    Hi I’m rapelang since I applied for 350 srd but still I didn’t get payment

  9. Charlene Clayton

    Good day. I have applied for the R350. SRD SASSA SRD Grant but has not received anything…I’m still waiting for it. I am Charlene Clayton

    1. DFlex

      Have you checked your status today? What is the current status of your application?

  10. Deon perumal

    Hi I applied for the R350 are grant it says approved but no payment date yet from last year I applied and up till now I have not received any money will I get paid from last year

  11. Ndamulelo freedom mudau

    Hi I also applied for the R350 and it says approved but I didn’t get any payment

  12. ndumiso

    please assist supplier manage pay add beneficiaries

  13. Zamantungwa

    I apply for 350 it approved but no payment dat

    1. Joseph

      Approved but no pay dat

      1. Kersaven chetty

        Hi I have 3months pay dates but still the money never come in my account from August I am waiting, yesterday I suppose to get paid for 3months

    2. Masale moshabela

      Same here

      1. Michelle

        So is my sister
        Se was approved with no pay date from August till now

  14. Tanya

    I have been approved but still no message to go collect the 350

    1. Sive

      I have been approved but still no message to go collet the R350

      1. DFlex

        Don’t expect any messages from SASSA

  15. Shanaaz

    Hi im Shanaaz i applied for the R350 grant August month already their declinde me something about my identity verification fail so for September month their approved me,will i get my payment

  16. Mpilo

    Hi am mpilo i applied R350 grant since August.sept.october says approved but no pay date what does it mean?

  17. Pfano Morabe

    Hi am pfano I have applied for R350 for three months ago n it have being approved but no pay day

  18. Gloria Mushaya

    Hi my name is Gloria i apply srd for my young sister n it approved since August n the is no pay day till now wt i suppose to do

  19. Dzunisani

    Hi I’m Dzunisani ..Since I’ve applied for R350 this year I haven’t received anything..this is killing me yohh

  20. Andrea Nikita Skermand

    I have been approved for Three months but have not received my payment due to the fact that there’s no dates for payment to be issued

  21. Thabang

    Hello I change my bank details for srd R350 but still no pay day

    1. Refilwe

      I only got 350 for August an sep.oct.nov says approved but no pay date

  22. Vedneshia Saal

    Hi my name Vedneshia i apply for my daughter Nezhania Saal she’s been approved and pay date in August,when she go to the post office they say shes not on the system,and now when she wanna look online it just say failed can u assist please

  23. GERTRUDE Mapamela

    Approved but if i go to post office my money is not there since August

  24. Only received once 350 ,still waiting for my previous money to collect from last year 2021 till 2022,my account Capitec have been updated n approved again,my name is mpumelelo Gugulethu memani from Kathlehong maphanga section

  25. portia

    hi ive been approved 3 months now but still no pay

  26. Shahiem cassim

    My applications for January and February 2022 was approved but till now.. NO PAYMENT DATE RECEIVED.. This is a constant problem encountered by many.. When will this issue be resolved..

  27. Cynthia

    I’m not working but they said register for uif

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