During the National budget speech, a statement was made regarding the SASSA grants for the 2022/2023 payment cycle.

Below is a snapshot of the grants new incremental credits.


The Old Person’s, War Veterans, Disability and Care Dependency grants will increase by R90 in April 2022 and a further R10 in October 2022. The Foster Care and Child Support grants will increase by a once off R20 in April 2022. #Budget2022 #SASSACARES

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Starting April 2022, Old Age Pension, War Veterans, Disability and Care Dependency grants will see an increase of R90 each and a further R10 later in October 2022.

Meanwhile, the foster care and child support grant will see once an increase of R20 for the payment cycle under consideration thus from April 2022.

But what about the SRD R350 Grant? This grant did not see any increase and it will remain as R350 till March 2023 despite the calls from various sources to increase the grant.

There needs to be much consultation to the introduction of the Basic Income Grant for South Africans aged 19 to 59 to help people living below the poverty level.


Pressure will continue to be mounted on the the current minister of finance to consider basic income grant or support although he has shown no interest in grants.

Unemployment rate in South Africa continues to be a challenge for most youth when you look at the current unemployment rate of over 30%.


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