SASSA Child Support Grant Increased by R20!

SASSA has announced that Child support grants payments and foster care grants payments will see an increase of R20 starting from April 2022.

Most mothers have expressed disappointment over the increase margin looking at the cure economic situation in the country.

The announcement was made during the National 2022 budget on Wednesday, 23rd February 2022.

Some parents have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the meager increase.

Always child support grants incr20 why ,😪😪 icane lemali crc

If R480 it is still not enough. Then stop making babies. Even if they can make it R500, you are going to complain. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Ramaphosa is playing with our Children , R20 increase that doesn’t even take the child 2 town.

Others too are of different views and they think these mothers should rather appreciate what they are given because iy just government way of supporting the children and not take total cost of caring for the kids.

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