Many applicants have expressed their ‘shock’ over why after they were initially declined, but appealed but still when they check their status online, they are decline instead of pending in 2023.

Let’s break down this for you in simple terms to understand what’s going on here.

  • When you check your status using the , you check your normal status which is currently declined and it will remain as such.
  • Thereafter, if you appeal or apply for reconsideration, you are now at a different stage, so SASSA does not consider the old decision anymore.
  • Rather the appeal or the reconsideration stage is what matters now, not the normal status.
  • To check your appeal status or reconsideration status use this links (from May 2020 to March 2022) or (from April 2022 to March 2023)
  • But in order for you to be able to check your appeal status for a particular month, make sure you have already submitted your reconsideration application or appeal.
  • To summarize this, after decline, check your status of a particular month at the reconsideration module or appeal page to know if you are approved or declined or pending.
  • Click on this for more details on the 👉👉 SRD R350 Appeal Process

I did appeal again cause I was decline for June but it still shows decline what’s wrong does it shows the same to anyone who dd appeal again?

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By Edna

6 thoughts on “Why Status Still Declined After Appeal or Reconsideration SRD R350 2023”
  1. Why was I declined!i don’t have income! Will u please reconsider my application again please

  2. Can sassa please change my number for srd sassa 350 grant here is the number i want to be change old number( 0723506662..)and the number i want it changed to 0742362985

  3. Hi I’m pending for months now what are really the problem I can’t be approved I don’t work how can I feet my child’s it’s very sad..and I update what you tell me everytime

  4. Can sassa change my number that I apply with coz I think someone change it,when I check my status say fail I want to use this new one is//0744440942//and old one is 0768038268

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