New Appeal Website For SASSA SRD R350 – Guide 2023

SASSA in collaboration with the Department of Social Development has launched a new website that offers the services of appeals for the ongoing SASSA SRD R350 grant in 2023.

Although, we at are not privy as what might have necessitated the shift but we are sure for the greater experience and enhancements of the appeal system.

According to information revealed at the website, there is an independent Tribunal committee which will be investigating appeals received from aggrieved applicants who feel that they have been declined for wrong reasons or they deserve the grant.

New Appeal Website Address (URL)

The website address is :

Background to SASSA SRD R350 Grant

It will recalled that in 2020, at the peak of the global pandemic, the government of South Africa introduced what it called “Social Relief of Distress” (SRD) and pegged it at the amount R350 for people who may have lost their source of income or livelihood due to the pandemic.

There were generally a nationwide lockdown leading to many shops and companies closing down to reduce overcrowding and the spread of the virus.

The minimum requirements for one to qualify was set out and millions of applications were submitted. Those who were approved paid and and the rest declined for various reasons.

Those who were declined were given the opportunity to appeal or apply for reconsideration or in other words dispute the outcome of the decline status.

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What the New Appeal Website Serve

It has indicated the following az their guidelines when conducting the investigation.

  • Application for appeals have to be lodged within thirty days from the date of the decline status, otherwise the appeal cut-off will be expired.
  • There is Independent Tribunal committee set up to investigate the case and bring their findings within 90 days (we feel that the time is too long, though we believe that will also depend on the quantity of workload)
  • Applicant will have to submit appeal application for each individual month that they are declined.
  • If appeal is made and the outcome is not in the applicant’s favour or the outcome affirms the initial position, then applicant cannot appeal again using this system.
  • However, if the applicant is still not satisfied, he or she can appeal at the High Court for a review.
  • Applicant does not need to submit multiple appeals for the same month.


  1. Hi can you please fix my srd 350 grant ididn’t get it since last year at November it said decline because of alternative income source but idon’t have money right now…can you please help me please guys Thank you

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