Appeal cut-off date expired meaning for SASSA SRD R350 2023

What does it mean when applying appeal for or applying for reconsideration and you receive the message “appeal cut-off date expired” in 2023.

What “appeal cut-off date expired” means is that the grace period that was given for the declined applicant to submit an appeal has elapsed or has passed and there the appeal cannot be submitted.

It has to be recalled that, for the SASSA SRD R350 grant application, an applicant who has been declined has been the opportunity to appeal or what is also called reconsideration.

But the the applicant has up to Ninety (90 days) from the date of the decline to appeal, for that month. In view of that, applicants are advised to regularly check their status and in case they are declined, they lodge an appeal right away without wasting much time.

SASSA Appeal Cut-off Expired

If the 90 days expired, and you try afterwards to lodge an appeal then you are likely to have this message of appeal cut-off expiration.

Whenever you appeal a decline decision and you don’t get approval, you cannot appeal again unless you take the matter to the High Court.

But if you decide not to appeal or you wait for the appeal duration to exhaust, then the initial decision will still stand

SASSA Appeal For R350 Grant New Updates


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