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What To do when SRD R350 Grant Application is declined


For many applicants who have applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant, what they are currently facing is a mass decline.

A decline many have expressed that, it might be a system error or possibly a mistake from SASSA.

Meanwhile, it is very difficult to contact sassa on 0800601011 toll free number to see why such decline outcome.

All that they have been told is to apply for a reconsideration within 30 days from the date of the decline. As to what they are going to do differently nobody knows.

For instance, an applicant who was declined for UIF registered or nsfas registered, how will Sassa this time know if there is a change of the applicant’s status.

Reconsideration for decline applicants

SRD R350 Grant Application Reconsideration Decline

For now we have discovered that these decline status can be reconsidered or updated.

For those who have these declined reasons can apply for reconsideration or appeal example : uif registered, debtor, alternative income source Identified, nsfas registered etc.

But those who are declined with the reason: “identity verification failed” can simply update their names and ID.

If you are among those that that have to use the reconsideration module, please click on this link

Fill in the spaces provided such as ID number and the cell number used to apply and click on the “send pin” button.

A code will be sent to the number provided enter to the pin space created and submit.

First, select the month you want to appeal in this case August 2021, if you choose any other month, you will be told “appeal date expired”. Don’t choose August 2020.

Below the reason for decline, there is another space labeled as “reason for reconsideration” choose from the list that matches your reason for decline.

For instance, if you were declined for “Alternative Income Source Identified” then choose “no alternative income source” or “uif registered” choose “not uif registered”. Don’t choose anything other than the correct opposite to the reason for the decline.

Identity verification failed – Update

For those who are declined for identity verification failed, will simply have to update their Full name and Surname as well as ID number.

Look at the image below, when you visit the website scroll down to the section where asking you (Request Names and Surname Update) update personal information and fill in the field provided, make sure the names are in correct order as they are on the ID documents or smart ID card.

Request Names and Surname Update for SRD R350 Grant decline

After correct entries, click on the submit button and thus all. The system will do a rerun and when it is certified, you will be updated accordingly.

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  1. Andiswa Tyhafile

    The payment declined

  2. Phuti

    My status says referred.What can I do?

  3. Jermaine

    Same like last year declined but approved for November and January why.

  4. Rozanne

    I want to change my payment to the post offers plaese help my lm approve but no chash

  5. george

    my application for srd350 was declined

    1. Uif 19

      I hereby declare that the information contained in the document is not the case of the uif 19 i canceled to show i am unemployed

  6. Sizakele

    I was declined and I’m not working since from august

  7. Elisa

    My daughter is sick I went to post office to collect her money but they refused. Help me

  8. Georgia

    I want to change my account to tymebank can u plz help me to change my phone number plz 0685126894

  9. Lillian Mnisi

    What does it mean when it’s says cancelled meaning I’m going to get it?


    i did apply for 350 grant for my 19 years daughter last year but she did ‘nt get it says decline because of UIF, but she did’nt work anywhere it was her first year last year and there was not even NSFAS that she was getting. I do that Reconsideration when I check status it was pending when I check again it says decline because of UIF. What can I do?

  11. Prince

    I never receive SRD always Declined an I am unemployed, I have made an Appeal all of the months pending please help

  12. Joel

    Decline by uif.
    And I don’t have uif

  13. Rowena

    Declined and consideration pending since September 2021

  14. Monica matsepe

    My application is declined what must I do and i lost the phone that I was applying with what must i do

    1. DFlex

      Reapply and use your new number

    2. DFlex

      Reapply and change the number to your new phone number

  15. Renée

    grant successfully approved since august 2021 now suddenly been pending since re-application in april 2022.. identity verification failed.. omgosh.. wt.. details 100% correct as per previously but no.. now i am suddely who i normally am and or who i say i am.. no really

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