SASSA  Appeal for r350 - New UpdatesSASSA  Appeal for r350 - New Updates

SASSA has introduced a new website address where applicants who have been declined SASSA SRD R350 for whatever reason and feel not satisfied to appeal in 2022/2023

The old url which ended in reconsideration has been moved and can now be seen under the Department of Social Development (DSD) website.


As part of the application process and administrative services for SASSA SRD R350 grant, applicants were to meet certain minimum requirements or criteria, but failure to meet these requirements will result in a decline status.

Every month, appeal has to be lodged or submitted


Affected applicants have up to within 30 days to appeal or apply for reconsideration after which a team will review.

How To Appeal SASSA SRD R350 May 2024

Follow these steps to appeal SRD R350 Grant Decline status

  1. Visit the website and scroll down, there is green button with the inscription “click here to lodge an appeal or check appeal status
  2. When the page is loaded fully, enter your ID number and the phone number used to submit the application
  3. And click on the “send pin” banner
  4. A pin code will be sent to your phone number
  5. Enter the code the received in the space provided
  6. Choose the month you wish to appeal its decline
  7. Choose the appropriate reason why your status should be reviewed.
  8. Accept all the clauses
  9. Click on the submit button
  10. You will receive a confirmation message will be displayed on the screen to indicate a successful submission.

sassa appeal for r350 for august 2021 May 2024

If you have not appeal since August 2022 , then there’s no way you can do that right now , but you can check your appeal status for August 2022 , September 2022 , October 2022 and November 2022 and December 2022 to March 2022 using the website

sassa appeal for r350 status check

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By Edna

60 thoughts on “SASSA Appeal for r350 – New Updates May 2024”
  1. Why my SRS 350 says Declined .
    Self exclusionary resposed found ..

    But I did get any money becide the 350 Grand. I have no long get The sassa grand …so I really need it. . .that money help me To be honest. On my small thing ..😭😭

  2. My problem I’m decline but I don’t have any income even a child ineed this money please help me even family idont have

    1. Can I get my srd r350 cause I don’t have any source of income in my account, that money helps me a lot please

    1. Hey I guess we’re on the same page cause I’ve got one child but it also says the same what happening,I even thought maybe its because of my child’s grant IDK…

    1. My srd grand says decline because of source of income identity. So please I dnt receive anything I really need dat money to help my 20yrs old boy

  3. Hi mines also say self exclusionary response found but i don’t have any income cumin into my account plz can i have my 350 grant to buy food i have one son to support and i am a single mom

    1. Hi I’m diserpoynted in the srd declined status
      Y it’s because I don’t get any income from anyone I stay with my mom I have a family but only stay with my mom and she is working but still needs help with the 350 grant I get it helps her a lot because she can add on groceries and I can buy some needs I need with the change and it helps me a lot so if I may ask please assist me how do I get back on track for my 350grant 😢🥺😶☹️🤔

      1. I really need that money I don’t have any income
        If so please show me the statement of the income you say I’m getting I don’t get any income I promise you people I’m not being a clever person or threatening you people that money helps us allot really. Help us please just help it’s not going to happen for ever it’s just for the virus that came and we still don’t know if it’s really gon but believe and pray even hope it’s never coming back for us to live on🙊.🗣️ It took a lot of lives and now we have to suffer for our 350grunt now it’s not how it has to go on just let us know the truth if there is something u people are doing please we have nothing to do with what ever you people are high ding or doing please people just help us get the srd grants we ask and pray 🙏🙏We are really suffering and hoping you do something about this thanks and have a nice day working to help us…😶🤔🤔🥺🙄🤐

  4. Can I get my srd r350 cause I don’t have any source of income in my account, that money helps me a lot please

      1. Im very disappointed first it said declined now it’s said there is income in acc where tht income come from?????I’m 58 yrs not working wish company tht income come from the source don’t know wht is talking about pls pls I need this 350 it help thnx

  5. Sassa decline me on June payment so mybe the show the money for burial society was add on my account may 2022 i don’t have sourc of income can i please get my 350 please

  6. Hellow my sasa srd declian because of souce of income don’t get any money beside a child support grant of.1
    Child please help i real need dis money

  7. Mine declined saying Gov payroll registered
    And it was only 2 months contract. Now i don’t have any source of income.

  8. I have no source of income but I’m declined for June my uncle due to personal reasons uses my fnb account for his debits account to go out monthly it’s not my money pls consider me urgently if that was my source I would not have applied for srd I’m being honest I depend on the R350

  9. Mine declined because of source of income that i don’t know about and this is painful and depressing, April and May is Pending.

  10. Mine declined saying self exclusionary response what that mean I don’t have source of income am a mother of 2 please help 😭😭😭😭

  11. Hi!I don’t understand why was I declined.When I have no income and unable to work due to an indigestive colon and I have no transport money to attend my checkups at Bara.The Sassa group just estimated who they don’t want to give…

  12. I was also declined reason. Source of income I am unemployed with no income was collecting all this other months. Oe declined

  13. I have been appealing since in this R350 it was always declined told Uif went to LABOUR to clarify and went to SASSA was told to appeal again which is i did .we did new applications it was pending, pending now it says June declined bcs of source income which is d money that appears was the money of the Community as i lost my brother thy contributions they made for us to help .May u please help me or refer me to the right person to help. I can even walk there please 🙏

  14. I don’t other source of income since March 2020 but they declined my application because ” other source of income” the bank account I registered with doesn’t receive any cent…pks help

  15. Mine was declined and I don’t have any source of income, the money coming in my account is from the tenants of my mother as she doesn’t have a bank account and the money is not mine, I’m just helping my mother

  16. I need my R350, for me is like a million it really helps me a seems that you guyz your not doing your work accordingly, that is why most people are declined
    E.g. my child is still at school but you say alternative income…😭

  17. Dey declined me cause of source of income and I dnt hv any income beside child grant for 1 child and am single mom. Is difficult to leave with 480 food is very expensive

  18. Why my 350 declined cause I don’t have source of income the money that is in my account is a fixed money for my loyola negotiations I’m not working and I need this money please..

  19. Minister of Sassa is hurting many SA people by not being honest at us you better leave this job because your heartless we need that SRD urgently how can you trace R500 in people’s account and say it’s a income and you don’t know the reason why I was sent that money for

  20. Please show me the income if youl sassa diclined me im 58years old and i have no income please chek again

  21. I am declined for r350 don’t have any source of income but they say there’s an alternative income but lying Why?

  22. Mine says Alternative income, yes there is money that was on my account but it was for my half brother…for transport that was sent by his because of that money u saw u decline me😌i think its unfair cos am not working there is no other income.

  23. Hi my status says alternative name or surname then I appeal for that but my status decline although I got other months payments. No guys stop eating our money we not working we need this money

  24. I was collecting the 350 from.noting now I ma declined for June source of income. I am unemployed no other grant I collect I am indeed of this 350

      1. I am collecting 350 grant bt my June 350 decline. I’m unemployed this 350 helps me to buy some of things to eat so I really need this 350.

  25. Yoh guys mina I don’t understand those who r checking us cause some of r not working or never worked but they keep saying source of income kanjani vele,I think they eat this money so mina I’m still waiting for my 2022(4)appeals still pending and now January I was approved got the payment date but dololo on my bank account still waiting for dat money,dat was the 26th Jan 2023

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