Some declined applicants for the SASSA SRD R350 grant have expressed their disappointment and dissatisfaction regarding why although they are unemployed and noy working but SASSA still declined their applications.

According to them, they are genuinely unemployed, so why SASSA will use such flimsy excuses such as : Self Exclusionary Response Found, Alternative income source, uif registered etc to decline them.


For SASSA, it is not only the employment status of the applicant that is used to decide whether qualified or not.

There are so many reasons why applicant will be declined apart from the obvious ones like uif registered, nsfas registered etc.


But the more generic reason which can come from where is the “Alternative Income Source Identified” decline status. According to SASSA, they conduct a means test on the applicant to find out if the applicant is in anyway receiving some form of financial support from elsewhere whether family or friends or even strangers. And this financial support is cumulatively more than the threshold of R350.

For major reason why SASSA would decline for Alternative Income Source Identified click on this link 👉👉 How SASSA Determines Alternative Income Source Identified 👈👈

But the issue of concern here is that, if an applicant receives some money in his or her account, to what extent does SASSA check to verify the purpose of the deposit?

Thus a multimillion dollar question SASSA cannot answer and have therefore denied many applicants this grant.


If SASSA cannot duly verify the purpose of deposits in one’s account, then they should not in anyway use that a a yardstick to measure one’s income level. Thus a lazy man’s approach of performing tasks.

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SASSA SRD R350 Appeal – New Updates

Unfortunately, the applicant is jot given the opportunity to defend themselves against this inhumane attitude and practices of SASSA, but get away with that.

Even the appeal process which sometimes sees some applicant’s status changing from declined to approved, leaves one to wonder what actually happened or changed this time around. 😳😳😳

We recently received news that, some social and civil rights groups have filed a case at the law court to fight for these applicants who have no one to support them.


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