Moya App to update banking details for SASSA SRD R350 grantMoya App to update banking details for SASSA SRD R350 grant

For those who want to use the Moya app to manage their reinstated SRD R350 Grant Application, you can use this amazing datafree app for anything about SRD PAYMENT in 2023.

The Moya app can be used to update, change, switch or submit bank account information if you have already applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant.


SASSA requires that applicants choose basically one of the three different payment options namely:

  • Post Office /Post Bank (Virtual Card)
  • One’s Personal Bank Account
  • Cash Send (Ewallet).

For Post Office Payments, the applicant will have to collect payments from the Post Office using his or her ID card documents.


For Post Bank (Virtual card), applicants can withdraw grants payments from some selected ATM locations and Post Offices.

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Personal Bank account, applicants use their own bank accounts to receive payments. Applicants must correct account details especially Account number and name as those will have to be verified.

Cash Send or ewallet options, applicants can choose from partnered banks. Here the applicant will use his or her cell phone number registered (RICA) in the applicant’s name.

Using uMoya app to update or switch or submit or update bank account information.

After launching the Moya app and clicking on the SASSA grant icon, when the page is loaded fully, move down the page until you see a label “How do i change my banking details”, below I 5th, you will see a text box asking you to enter the ID number used to apply for the grant you wish to update or switch payments option.


Look at the image below

Umoya app sassa update, switch or submit bank account details

After entering the ID number, click on the submit button below it.

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What happens next? SASSA will send you an SMS notification to the phone number used to apply. The SMS contains a unique link which you will use to update or change your payment method.

If the phone is not smartphone or not accessible by the internet, then you can transfer or forward to different mobile phone handset that can access the internet.

Just click on the link in the SMS, it will ask you to choose your preferred payment method and enter all the relevant details correctly and submit.

A new SMS notification will be received indicating successful submission of payment method.

NB: At the time of writing this article, the update banking details section was not activated yet, we hope SASSA will activate it sooner than later.

Latest Updates : SASSA has announced today that applicants who are approved can change or update their payments method from the default post office to either their personal bank account or ewallet. Note Post Office Payments are now collected at the Merchant or Retail Stores Across the country. Ewallet accounts no longer available.


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  1. I wonder for those who do not even know about the app how do they apply for this R350.00 becoz those who never went to school struggling to apply and they don’t get help .

  2. My dates is showing, but the money is not reflecting in my capitec account, so now i want to Pay during the Post office

  3. It’s been months since my Srd grant has been Approved but Not reflecting any pay dates

    Should I just forget it?
    I always check my application status but still no change

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