Moya App SASSA Download WhatsApp 2023Moya App SASSA Download WhatsApp 2023

Introduction : Moya App SASSA DOWNLOAD

Are you struggling to download the latest version of the Moya app from Google Playstore or other apps repository?

May be you don’t have mobile data to apply for the reinstated Sassa SRD R350, then you can get the apk application files delivered to you directly through WhatsApp and other messaging services in 2023.


WhatsApp is a popular messaging app owned by Facebook, which users can share text and multimedia content with others.

To get your Moya app through WhatsApp to apply for sassa srd R350 grant, ask a friend to share or send the apk files through WhatsApp.


Then you can download the Moya app the WhatsApp and go ahead to use it fir SRD R350 grants application.

Similarly, you can get the Moya app from a person physically nearby using either Bluetooth or WIFI connection.

There are apps that can make these transfer possible examples are :

  • X Share
  • MyAppSharer
  • Xender
  • Or any other file sharing app compatible with your mobile device.

So go ahead and get the Moya app either through Bluetooth, WiFi or other app sharing softwares to apply for the reinstated SRD R350 Grant.


You can use the Moya to apply, check status, track application, submit banking information, appeal if declined or apply for reconsideration.

Moya App is free and will continue to be free as long as people will used it.


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