SASSA has indicated that those whose appeal applications or reconsideration status are now approved but without pay dates or with pay dates in 2023 but have being paid.

This is mainly due to the fact that, their payments option are either not correct or not submitted at tall.


According to SASSA, some bank account details submitted are not accurate or not correct or does not match the applicant’s details available at the Home Affairs Department using their ID numbers.

When bank accounts are submitted, it goes through a verification process that helps sassa to check and compare the details if they are correct by first requesting from the of the applicant.


This might take a maximum of ten (10) days or 2 weeks including weekends.

So those who have been approved for the reconsideration for August 2021 to November 2021 and still not received payments or pay dates, should go back to the website to update their banking details and wait for payments.

Those who previously used the post office as collection point should note that the post office no longer pays grants, they have now have to go to the Merchants such as Shoprite or USave P and P shops etc to collect their grants. They should go there along with their ID documents and phone numbers for verification.


By Edna

9 thoughts on “Reconsideration Approved But No Pay Dates or Payments? Urgent 2023”
      1. If you are taking the money from the bank, then you don’t have to worry. But if retail stores then you have to request change of number

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