Have you thought of changing your SASSA SRD payment from the default Post Office to your preferred bank account?

Follow these simple steps here to easily switch to your own bank account :

  • Log on to the website
  • Scroll down to section where the inscription “How do I change my banking details”
  • Beneath it there is a text box asking for your 13 digits ID number.
  • Enter the correct ID number and click on the “Submit” button.
  • An SMS containing a unique and secured link will be sent to the phone number used to apply.
  • Choose payment through bank
  • Click on the and after it is fully loaded, enter all the necessary details requested including your bank account number, bank account name, Branch, Bank Name etc.
  • After correctly entering all this information, click on submit.
  • A confirmation message will be received indicating successful submission.

If you intent to check your status click SASSA SRD Status Check

Take Note of the following when Changing your payment options to bank.

  • Make sure the bank account is officially in the applicant’s name, as SASSA will not pay grant to any other person other than the approved applicant. You cannot use your family member’s bank account.
  • Make sure bank accounts details are correct as a single mistake can lead to delay or nonpayment.
  • Be reminded that, payment through the new option is for future or subsequent payments. In effect, if the applicant’s grant is approved with pay dates for a particular month, he or she will still collect the grant from the previous payments option, until the next payment passes through the new collections point.
  • If you are not currently having any problems with your collection point, there is no need to switch as this sometimes leads to delay in payments.
  • If the phone with the sim card registered with is not a smart phone, you can use a friend’s smartphone (but insert your sim card) to complete the online process.

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