You are currently viewing sassa status check for r350 payment dates for february 2021

sassa status check for r350 payment dates for february 2021

sassa status check for r350 payment dates for february 2021. Although SASSA

Although SASSA is no longer paying February 2021 SRD payments, those who have been approved for such months were given grace period to collect their grants from the Post Office.

SRD R350 Grant payments dates for february 2021 has elapsed as SASSA asked all applicants who were approved in February to go to the post office to all outstanding grants on or before 31st August 2021.

As it stands now, if you think you have some money on your account for SRD R350 from February 2021, you can make the necessary inquiries from the Post Office.

To check your SRD R350 sassa grants status you can do it this way

  • Go to the website
  • Look for the section asking you to check application status by scrolling down the page until you see it.
  • When the button is clicked, a page will load asking for the applicant’s ID number and the phone number used to apply.
  • Input those details and click on the submit button just beneath it.
  • When the page is fully loaded, you will see your application status for the months since you applied
  • If February 2021 is available, you can check your status if you are approved or declined.
  • If you’re approved with payday or without pay dates.
  • Or else if you are declined, it means there is nothing you can do. As the appeal date has elapsed since April 2021.
  • You also have the opportunity to apply for the reinstated SRD R350 Grant which started from August 2021 to March 2022, a period of 8 months.
  • Payments are currently ongoing others too have been declined for various reasons such as alternative income sources identified or uif registered or identify verification failed.

Keep checking your status every day.

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Payments are currently ongoing at various banks and other payments points such as post offices across the country, but it is advisable to call post office to see if your grant is credited before going there.

There are instances where applicants are also turned away because there is no funds available for the applicants.

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  1. Phumlani

    Hy my name is Phumlani I only got R700 since 350 payment started last year I need all of my money I need to know where is another money I got money this year for July and August

    1. DFlex

      There is no money for July, the reinstated SRD R350 Grant started in August 2021 and you have to reapply

  2. Precious Malatji

    I’ve tried to apply for the SDR Grant now for the second time first in 2020 and now 2021 its declining reason being that i receive the UIF thing is i never worked in my life and i don’t receive any uif i even tried to apply for NSFAS it says the same thing thing please assist ID number :: 9501010977088 Contact No: 0818122813 please assist me.

    1. DFlex

      Please if you applied and received uif registered decline, submit reconsideration application to appeal

    1. Avril Gordon

      Hi why don’t I get my Sep SRD?please help

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