SASSA SRD R350 Payments Status Check For August 2021


Have you applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant and application submitted successfully? Did you receive SMS notification indicating that your application was active and banking details submitted?

For many applicants thus their situation as i type this article. What is left is for them to check their status. Bit checking status on the website is faced with a challenge.

We have received several complaints from applicants over their inability to track their status.

When we got in touch with sassa, the only reply was that they are processing millions of applications, so the ability to check status for the SASSA SRD R350 grant will be restored soon.

SASSA SRD R350 grant status check online

Applicants are much aware that, they should be able to check their status online for them to see whether they are approved or declined or pending.

But anytime they check status, all that they see that status failed. This has left many with greater disappointment and panic.

From what sassa is saying, applicants must as a matter of fact, be more patient so that the application procedure can be followed successfully.

Some simply just wanted to know how far the application process and see the way forward, but the online status checking is no longer functional.

SASSA says they are very busy processing August 2021 payments and hoping that Approvals and payment can start Monday 23rd August 2021.

They said due to the high number of people using their platform to access status and apply, the system has come under pressure.

Click Here To Check SRD R350 Grant Application Status Online


      1. Since i apply last year for Srd when i want to check at post office they said my name’s doesn’t appear in system how

      2. Hi I’ve been trying to withdraw my funds from August 2021 until March 2022 and I’ve updated everything that needs to be updated. . But still I can’t withdraw my funds, I’ve called the call centre line about 50 times and they all say the same thing in different languages. . “We apologize for the inconvenience and we are very sorry to hear about this. We can escalate the issue Sir they’ll send you an sms or call you. This issue is 2months and going. . M not even bothered about this year’s funds yet.

  1. When I check my status it says failed but on the Internet they say that the (failed) will be changed today but nothing has been changed yet and my application is active but I cannot access it since it my status fails

      1. I have apply srd grant it was successful active but I didn’t receive my Grant when I check my status says declined reason of uif register but I didn’t ever work since

      2. Also waitiing for August money which is approved.I”ve already received September”s money.October still pending

  2. I receive social grant for my child but I applied since the President stated that we are eligible even though we are recipient of social…My application says failed, should I wait for the status to change?

    1. I’ve submitted my bank account details but I haven’t get my payments of August and September but it says approved on payments what’s the delay

  3. When I check my status it says failed…and what makes me more flabagasted is that how will we see whether we are approved or what

  4. “you are active” but today is the pay day no money transferred to your bank account or sent message’s.⁉️

    are we supposed to wait for 9 september..

  5. Got a massage saying my banking details were approved,I use Tymebank. But so far I haven’t resived any notification on my phone saying the money is in.

  6. I’m having the same issues showing approved for last year May 2020. When I try to re-apply it doesn’t give me the option to fill in the banking details

  7. I’ve applied,got an sms saying my application is active,but since they started making payments I’ve been trying to check my status but it keeps on saying failed. What is the way forward, when will the portal be open? Coz it’s data we are using to do all this. Money we don’t have.

  8. I have been trying to check my status but with no avail when submitting the info system says failed all the time and we have to know since the payment started

  9. Every time I go on to check status of my application, always I get “your application is already active” when i check online, obviously you get to put your ID number, cell number and verification number, next thing after submit the whole thing is failed. Yet when the Minister talks she finds black nation disappointing for not being able to apply online which is why whites are paid cause they are able to apply online. How do they go through the block that blacks find




  11. I don’t understand why application declined because am not work I dnt earn any salary. I just wish to know where you identify my income because I dnt have one

  12. My application was successful but when I check my status it says declined and the reason is other income, while I’m unemployed

  13. August, September and October approved but no paydate ,I submitted my bank details on the 11/09/2021 but still no payment in my account. What is going on please help me

  14. Greetings in JESUS NAME I have applied on time last year , when the first payment of the sed R350 stress relief grant was payed out. I was declined every month starting UIF registered, which is all liars. SASSA couldn’t proof that . Then SASSA impliment a expired cut off date which , I believe was unfair towards people like me who are denied to receive our money that’s due to us , at SASSA’S fault to verify my application long before they impliment the expired cut off date for reconsideration. What’s strange later in the year of 2021 .I was approved and received payments for 2 months. That’s strange why I wasn’t paid out for the previous month’s from the start. I believe it’s because of corruption in SASSA work place. I believe SASSA must explain to me how does it work . I demand SASSA to pay all out standing payments out to me, that was declined unnecessary. I was approved and receive a payment date 15 December 2021 , but declined from August 2021 , September 2021 , October 2021 and November 2021 . SASSA please explain how did you got that right. SASSA is stealing our money because of corrupt employees who defraud my money . SASSA payment all my money due to me IN JESUS NAME !!! Get rid of all your corrupt staff members immediately now IN JESUS NAME!!!

    1. Hi, Clinton I was also declined since last year July 2021 and same story I’m uif registered I even asked my previous employer to give me a letter stating that I’m no longer working I don’t even get uif because I resigned from my company due to personal reasons and up until today nothing, I have done everything but still nothing I have received a sms to say I must reapply for the srd R350 but my April 2022 just shows pending and its stays there.

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