SASSA has asked SRD R350 grant applicants who opted for cash send or ewallet payments option to submit their bank personal information.

In a widely circulated SMS to these affected applicants, SASSA is asking such applicants to either submit their bank account details before 7th October 2021 otherwise, Post office accounts will be opened for them automatically for payments.


This comes in the wake of tussle between SASSA and the National Treasury, where SASSA requested approval from the National Treasury for procurement partnership between the banks so that Cash Send or Ewallet account holders can use their ATM machines.

It has been months since payments started in August 25th, but all the applicants who chose this payment method are still not paid to date.


Below is the message received by affected applicants

SASSA has challenges doing cellphone payments. Please submit bank account details on the SRD website by 7/10/21, else a Post Bank account will be opened for you.

From the above, it is mandatory to submit bank account details on the website on or before Thursday 7th October 2021.

To do so scroll down to the section asking you submit or change bank account details. Enter your ID number, you will receive SMS message containing a unique link to update payment option.

Enter the bank account number, bank name, account type and submit.


An SMS notification will be received indicating successful submission of bank account.


By Edna

23 thoughts on “Cash Send Users Asked To Submit Bank Account Details Or Else..”
  1. I wonder what category do I have fall under so that I can qualify for R350 C’s I m not working no uif no means for any income but I dnt qualify

  2. I’m still waiting for September and October money I only received payment for August and now my status showing APPROVED BY BOTH SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER AND ITS ALMOST END OCTOBER AND STILL APPROVED AND NO SIGN OF PAYMENT HAS BEEN MAID

  3. Hee it’s funny to what sassa is doing, tomorrow it is black Friday, but still not paying cash senders option… Why cause negotiations with banks are done by now, it’s November now..

  4. Please help me change my payment method from cash send to either Shoprite,boxer, or pick & pay outlets?

  5. Hy guys I need help i loss my phone and I forget the six numbers and I want to change the numbers so anyone who now about this please help course since I didn’t get any money help me please

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