1. I wonder what category do I have fall under so that I can qualify for R350 C’s I m not working no uif no means for any income but I dnt qualify

  2. I’m still waiting for September and October money I only received payment for August and now my status showing APPROVED BY BOTH SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER AND ITS ALMOST END OCTOBER AND STILL APPROVED AND NO SIGN OF PAYMENT HAS BEEN MAID

  3. Hee it’s funny to what sassa is doing, tomorrow it is black Friday, but still not paying cash senders option… Why cause negotiations with banks are done by now, it’s November now..

  4. Please help me change my payment method from cash send to either Shoprite,boxer, or pick & pay outlets?

  5. Hy guys I need help i loss my phone and I forget the six numbers and I want to change the numbers so anyone who now about this please help course since I didn’t get any money help me please

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