Latest Updates to this story : SASSA asked Cash Send or Ewallet account users to submit their bank account details for payment

SASSA has made a public notice that all SRD R350 grants applicants who opted for cash send to be their payment option will have to wait.


In a statement released on Thursday, 30th September 2021 on their Facebook page with a copy here, SASSA said they have made a request from the National Treasury to help have the complete partnership between SASSA and the banks so that Cash Send or Ewallet account holders can use the bank’s ATM machines.

According to SASSA this is largely due to the procurement process and are working on it to make sure that as soon as the discussion is finalized with National Treasury, all payments will follow through immediately and paid fully.


Below is the actual section of the post stating the reasons why cash send payments have still not been processed.

About 1.5 million applicants chose to be paid through the cardless payment channel at ATM’s. This category has not been paid as yet due to the fact that SASSA went through a procurement process to use this payment method with the banks, and National Treasury is currently considering this request. “As soon as Treasury approves our request, we will pay every cent owed to this category of beneficiaries without any waste of time. We really empathise with them but we also have a responsibility to follow the law”: SASSA CEO, Busisiwe Memela-Khambula said.

SASSA Cash Send or Ewallet Updates

So those of you who chose Cash Send will have to wait extra or else change their payments method to either post office or personal bank account.

An update to this story is that SASSA has asked ewallet applicants to either submit their bank account details or else post office becomes the default pay point.

Latest Updates


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3 thoughts on “Cash Send users of SRD R350 to be paid after Approval from National Treasury – SASSA”
  1. I was told to change my payment method to bank account but still I didn’t get dates from August till today

  2. I applied from August nd till now I have not received any payment,how does that to me?,while the country is getting it?

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