Post Office Not Selected – SASSA SRD R350 Grant Status

Have you recently checked your status on the website of SRD R350 grants application and realized that post office not selected.

SASSA over the months saw the need to introduce a system where applicants who uses post office as payment options can choose which particular post office to collect their grants.

In this case applicants can choose which location preferably closer to him or her.

SAPO Post Office Selection for SRD R350 Grant

To choose a preferred location for collection, follow these steps below :

  • Click on this link Post Office Selection
  • Enter the 13-digit ID number and the 10 – digit phone number used to submit the application.
  • Click on the “send pin” button beneath.
  • SASSA will send a pin code to the phone number and enter the pin code received on the page working on currently.
  • And click on submit.
  • Follow the instructions on the page by selecting your preferred post office location in a particular Province.
  • That becomes your default post office that you will collect your grant.
  • In case, you do not change to a particular post office and post office not selected, then you can collect your grant at any post office of choice.

It has to be noted that, applicants who have been approved with pay dates can go to the post office for collection, otherwise you will be turned away by the post office attendants.

Post Office had earlier said that applicants whose grants are ready for collection will receive an SMS notification asking them to collect their grants from the Post Office but the SMS system does not always work.

So be advised to only go to the post office when you are approved with pay dates.

Post Office has also developed a system of payments where applicants can collect their SRD R350 grants using their last three digits of their ID numbers. Post Office Payments are using the applicant’s last three digits of their ID numbers.

A copy of which is available in the link below :

Post Office Weekly Payments Dates for 2021

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  1. My son has opted for payment to go into bank account of which bank details were provided. August status shows application has been approved…with post office “not selected” showing. Could it mean that August payment could be at the post office. He, however, did not receive any sms from post office.

    1. If he submitted the bank account upfront thus during the application then he will be paid at the bank, however if he submitted bank account after submission of the application, then he should collect his August grant at Post office but September at the bank

    2. I applied for the R350 grant since I have been unemployed for the last five years. My application has been declined due to the fact that I have other sources of income which is not correct. I have been in contact with SARS on Monday, 13-09-2021 at Worcester branch. They informed me the system shows 2 IRP 5.» Sanlam and Momentum
      There were amounts that were handled as once off payments, which means that it is not a constant income.
      Can you assist me in this current matter?

    3. My srd grand is approved only to realise that the post office is not selected and when I go to boxer n pick n pay its use to decline so I need help for that

      1. I applied for srd last year july 2021,since Aug 2021 until july 2022 always says application complete,post office not selected,of which in post office selection,they ssid they must send me a pin number in the number i submitted my application,but that number im no longer have it.can they send that pin number to my email adress?because if they send to thst number I wont get it.

  2. Since I made my application I never recieved any response from SASSA, I’m making this follow up message because I really need the grant since I don’t have any source of income.
    I hope I trust that I will get a response soon.


      1. Good evening. It’s been three weeks now since I applied for the grant and my status has been saying pending ever since

  3. My son’s status shows approved and post office not selected for August, September shows pending, must he go collect R350 for August by post office or wait for a pay date

  4. My son’s application status shows approved for Aug and Sep and he’s selected a post office but still no sms. What should he do?

  5. Hi. I have been approved for August, September and October but still no payment dates and i have submitted my bank account details. Please help

    1. Ever since I applied for srd grant I have never received any money. Decline says uif registered at first,now it says alternative income but I don’t recieve any income because I’m not working since March 2020

  6. My applications were declined every month stating i have an income of which i dont have…i appealed & for november it says still pending but last week i recieved an sms to collect outstanding fund before end of november…is it for the previously declined months or what

  7. Mine says approved aug, approved sep with pay date,approved for Oct with pay date and Nov pending but I didn’t get any SMS can I go to post office to collect ? Please advise

  8. I apply long time ago for my SRD when i check my status is saying post office not selected what is the meaning of that

  9. My status shows approved August, September, October and November but with no pay dates and I haven’t received any sms I only got one sms that says I should go and collect my Sassa 350 or it will be forteined and I go and collect I received that one and they said that one was for 2020 so what should I do to receive this year payment

  10. Ever since I applied for srd grant I have never received any money. Decline says uif registered at first,now it says alternative income but I don’t recieve any income because I’m not working since March 2020

  11. Hi i have been checking my status since August now when i check it says Dec approved and given a pay day but i went to the post office and they said I’m not recognized in their system what do i do

  12. I need help I replied r350 sassa with no bank account and the number I registered with it’s losed and paydates it’s out…please help what must I do to get the money?

  13. Hi i applied for sassa srd in august it got approved ive never received any payment its approved for aug, sep, october, nov, dec and jan with paydays post office is selected but i haven’t received any sms from them please help

  14. I made my application first and then submitted my banking details afterwards. This was all done last year November. And still I never receive payment. Can someone please help me.

  15. I have been approved for December 2020 and January 2022 with pay dates saying post office not selected
    went to post office they say I’m not in the system what does that mean

  16. ive been approved with pay dates from aug till feb but when i go to post office they say i havent been payed how come and whats wrong???

  17. My mom applied for r350 last year September and it approved but every time when she goes to the post office, they always tell her that her application does not exist. But when we check online it says approved. Help please!

  18. I have applied for my R350 SRD grant payed until January. I skipped February’s payment and now the post office dont want to help me neither does the shops that is available to pay R350 there’s also nothing paid in my bank account. Please can you assist me with this matter.

  19. I have Selected A Post Office When I Want To Collect That R350 on Boxer They Told I must Go To the Post Office And When i Go to Post Office They Say They Are No Longer Paying R350 😭

  20. Im struggling to register to get my srd at pick n pay and shoprite can someone tell me how to do it.sassa toll free number is never working im desperate

  21. My srd grand is approved only to realise that the post office is not selected when I go to boxer n pick n pay its use to decline so I need help

  22. Hello my status says i have been approved for eight months and when i want to get cash says declined what must i do

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