Introduction to NSFAS 2022 Applications

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (also known as NSFAS) is the government of South Africa’s biggest public funding support scheme for tertiary students.

The NSFAS application for 2022 is yet to commence and prospective students are eagerly waiting for the announcement from the scheme.


The funding is for South Africans pursuing various academic programmes in public Higher Education Institutions such as university and TVET Colleges.

After approval, tuition fees and other fees are paid on behalf of the beneficiary through his or her stay at the University or TVET college.


NSFAS Application 2022 Opening Date

This year’s application is delayed and the date of opening the application is yet to be announced. In our previous article, we looked at how open dates for various recent years such 2019, 2020 and 2021 have varied

Although, the opening date for the 2022 nsfas application has not been announced, we keep our monitoring eyes on NSFAS and will get our readers informed immediately the application goes live.

NSFAS application 2022 Closing Date

As we are yet to even know the opening dates for the application process, we can hardly tell the closing date for now. As discussed, we will keep updating this post as and when the announcement is made. We strongly believe that application will begin in September 2021 and close somewhere in late November or December 2021.

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NSFAS Application 2022 Online

As has been the major application channel since 2021, the online application is likely to be continued this year too. In the 2021, online application was the only option available to apply due to the global pandemic was at its peak in the country. NSFAS application was only done through online and nothing else.

To apply online, you have to get certain things down before the application process itself begins.

Step 1 – Create Account on mynsfas

  • Your personal email address either from the popular email registrars such as Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail, outlook etc and must be active and functional and accessible.
  • Your ID card or Smart ID card
  • A functioning cell phone number.
  • If you have all these information, head over to create an account using the phone number and choose a password. The password must be a good one that you can remember also not an everyday word that anyone can guess.
  • An OTP code will be sent to your phone number and email address for verification of the ownership of email address and phone number.
  • You will also be asked to submit your ID number.

Step Two

At this stage, you have to do the actual application process.

Watch this video below for insights

  • Login to mynsfas account and click on the Apply tab.
  • Follow the screen prompts to submit all the relevant information required and other personal details. In case you login and you don’t see the Apply tab it is likely that application has not yet started and you need to keep checking.
  • All documents that have to be uploaded must be done so and if it requires endorsement, do so before uploading.
  • After all necessary details uploaded and checked for accuracy, you can go ahead and submit. And that will send us to the last step three

Step three

After successfully submitting the application, NSFAS will send a reference number on the application dashboard and a copy will sent to the email address used to apply.

The reference number will later be used to track or check application status to see if you are approved or declined and if declined for what reason.

NSFAS Application 2022 pdf

For now we cannot be certain if this year’s application can be done using a printed hard copy or pdf to submit. It may also be just like what happened last year where all applications were done solely online.

That notwithstanding, in case there is anything else where applicants can submit hard copies (paper documents) for application then applicants can download pdf copies of the application and print them out and fill accordingly and attach all relevant documents and submit either by mail or personal delivery.

Where To Apply for NSFAS 2022

When it comes to where to apply for the 2022 nsfas bursary, the best thing is to apply it yourself on your personal computer or a laptop.

Applying using a smartphone is possible but the not the best for convenience sake especially when it comes to uploading documents.

If there is an internet Cafe closer to the applicant, you can ask the Cafe attendant to assist you with the application. But never leave everything entirely into the hands of the attendant.

NSFAS officials usually goes round from community to community to assist applicants, you can follow their social media pages which are listed here with their contact details to track their movements.

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