According to concerns raised on Social media some students who are recipients of the University of Johannesburg are complaining bitterly about what they term as “UJ freezes NSFAS Allowance”.

According to this students, their nsfas allowance have been freezed by the university. Others also claim neither nsfas nor UJ wants to take responsibility for the challenge.


So the hash tag : #UJFreezedNSFASAllowances has been trending on Twitter.

Below are some of the concerns raised by some students :


go2uj decided to freeze NSFAS students allowances? It’s been over two months since UJ opened, students have not received their allowances. There has not been any statements released by management regarding this issue

A number of students have not received their allowances and are stuck at their respective residences hungry! @go2uj@txm1971 take us seriously!

Another also wrote :

Some students did not even receive any allowamce for the first time. At this stage I’m fcken hungry for revenge. The comrade in me is igniting.

But in a response from the School’s finance department, some of those students have not signed their consent forms, they are therefore urging such affected students to sign the consent forms.


University of Johannesburg (@go2uj) Tweeted:
Therefore, we encourage the affected students to sign the online consent forms as soon as possible so that the University can process payment of the allowances.

Student Finance. (

For now, we cannot be sure if NSFAS has actually released the funds to the institution or nsfas which has rather delayed for lack of funds.

We are closely monitoring events and get our readers updated.


By Edna

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