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Telecommunications in South Africa is operated by four major network service providers that are quite competitive against one another in the mobile market. They are MTN, Telkom, Cell C, and Vodacom. These network service providers try to attract the most subscribers by offering affordable call rates and speedy internet services that are cheap, as well as another irresistible offer to their subscribers.


Telkom is a major network service provider in South Africa that is known for providing the best data deals to its subscribers. They have the largest Internet subscriber base in South Africa. Internet and social media users have chosen Telkom and their wallet-friendly data deals just to stay connected always. After all, Data has proven to be cheaper than voice.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the latest Telkom Data deals you can subscribe for and stay connected! Read on.


Introduction: How dope are Telkom data deals?

Telkom is undoubtedly the most preferred choice in terms of data bundle. Although, MTN stands at a close rivalry in terms of providing the best data deals. But Telkom is still reviewed as the best by many South Africans. You can get 500MB for as cheap as R15! Yes, they are that dope! They have one of the cheapest and most reliable data deals in the country.

Now let’s look at the attractive data deals that Telkom had this 2022.

Telkom Data Deals 2022.

Here are the latest data deals Telkom has to offer for its subscribers. So, if you’re a Telkom subscriber or you want to switch to Telkom, then you should get to the end of this post. Here are the data deals for 2022:

FreeMe Bundles.

The FreeMe Data Bundles are the most subscribed because of their vast internet services and most particularly, cheapness. From social media to YouTube, to downloading movies and games from the iOS store or Google Play Store.


Apart from its irresistible internet services, it also offers subscribers free minutes on voice calls and free SMS Bundles. Below are the FreeMe Data Bundles you can subscribe to:

FreeMe Data Bundle Price Validity
1.5GB of Data R139 Anytime
6GB of Data R289 Anytime
11.5GB of Data R389 Anytime
28GB of Data R689 Anytime

These data bundles can be used to surf the internet anytime. If you’re an online business person these FreeMe Data Bundles from Telkom are the most recommended.

Social Media Bundles.

Telkom social media bundles were created just for your social media activities! With Telkom social media bundles, you can stay longer on social media, connect with friends, network with new people and soar your business on major social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

The social media bundles will connect to social media networks only. They are categorized into daily, weekly, and monthly bundles respectively. Now let’s get into the social bundles.

Daily Bundles.

The daily bundles are designed just for users who would spend little time on social media. This bundle duration of 24 hours is most recommended for busy people who don’t have much time to spend chatting or engaging on social media.

Daily Social Bundles Price Validity
25MB of Data R2 24hrs
50MB of Data R3 24hrs
75MB of Data R4 24hrs
100MB of Data R5 24hrs
250MB of Data R10 24hrs
500MB of Data R15 24hrs

These bundles would only last for 24 hours.

Weekly Bundles.

Telkom weekly social bundles are designed purposely to satisfy the needs of social media enthusiasts. The weekly bundles help you as a social media person stay connected for 7 days straight with no glitches. They are also cheap because as bundles get bigger, their prices also get discounted.

Weekly Social Bundles Price Validity
100MB of Data R5 7Days
500MB of Data R12 7Days
1GB of Data R18 7Days
2GB of Data R35 7Days
3GB of Data R60 7Days

These weekly bundles would last for 7 days.

Monthly Bundles.

The Telkom monthly social media bundles are recommended for those who have the passion to use social media to create brand awareness, social media management, and marketing and small business owners who would sell through social media platforms.

Also, social media bloggers and news junkies are recommended to use the monthly plan. If you love to spend much time on social media too, the monthly bundles would be best for you to subscribe to.

Monthly Social Bundles Price Validity
100MB of Data R10 30Days
250MB of Data R15 30Days
500MB of Data R25 30Days
1GB of Data R40 30Days
2GB of Data R70 30Days
3GB of Data R100 30Days

Dial *180# to select a suitable social media bundle for your needs.

Telkom Month To Month Data Deals

Once-Off Bundles.

Once-Off Bundles are bundles you can subscribe to just once without any automatic renewal. It has a specific time it expires, or you exhaust it, but it can’t be renewed automatically from your airtime. You’ll have to buy another one yourself. The Once-Off Bundles are valid for 31 days.

Once-Off Bundles Price Validity
25MB of Data R7.30 31Days
50MB of Data R14.65 31Days
100MB of Data R29.25 31Days
250MB of Data R39.50 31Days
500MB of Data R69.60 31Days

Current Month + 2 Months

Once-Off Bundles + 2 Months Price
1GB (Anytime) + 1GB (Night Plan) R100
2GB (Anytime) + 2GB (Night Plan) R140
3GB (Anytime) + 3GB (Night Plan) R201
5GB (Anytime) + 5GB (Night Plan) R301
10GB (Anytime) + 10GB (Night Plan) R505

Current Month + 6 Months.

20GB of Data R905

Current Month + 12 Months (1-year validity.

50GB of Data R1815
100GB of Data R3227

Telkom Monthly Recurring Bundles or Monthly Renewal Bundles.

Telkom Monthly Recurring Bundles are just the opposite of the Once-Off Bundles. These bundles can be reminded automatically after expiry in 30days. This is also what you call rollover when there’s a leftover from the previous monthly bundle subscribed before. Data deals available in this plan are displayed in the table below.

Monthly Recurring Bundle Price Validity
25MB + 25MB (Anytime) R7.50 30Days
50MB + 50MB (Anytime) R14.45 30Days
100MB + 100MB (Anytime) R29.25 30Days
250MB + 250MB (Anytime) R39.95 30Days
500MB + 500MB (Anytime) R69.50 30Days
1GB + 1GB (Anytime) R100 30Days
2GB + 2GB (Anytime) R140 30Days
3GB + 3GB (Anytime) R201 30Days
5GB + 5GB (Anytime) R301 30Days

Telkom 4G LTE Data Deals.

The 4G LTE data deals from Telkom are special packages purposely designed for the “max-time” internet user. The 4G LTE data deals are best recommended for office use, blogging, and online business. If you’re a crypto trader or a FOREX trader, for instance, these deals are most recommended.

Telkom fiber deals (Telkom data deals uncapped).

Telkom’s uncapped fiber deals give you speedy internet services without you having to pay too much. Telkom Fibre includes a free installation that allows multiple devices to connect at home or office. Below are the fiber deals (uncapped) from Telkom.

Fiber Deals Price Features
25Mbps R399 25Mbps download speed

5Mbps upload speed

25Mbps Unlimited Home lite (Uncapped) R499 per month 25Mbps download speed

5mbps Upload speed

1 Mailbox (3GB and 5 aliases)

No FUP thresholds apply

24 months contracts, including installation and router

Closer Built-in calling plan available at an additional cost

50Mbps Unlimited Home lite (Uncapped) R699 per month (month-to-month) 50mbps download speed

25mbps upload speed

1 Mailbox (3GB and 5 aliases)

No FUP thresholds apply

24 Months Contracts includes installation and router

Closer Built-in calling plan available at an additional cost

100Mbps Unlimited Home lite (Uncapped) R899 per month (month-to-month) 100mbps download speed

50mbps upload speed

1 Mailbox (3GB and 5 aliases)

No FUP thresholds apply

24 Months Contracts includes installation and router

Closer Built-in calling plan available at an additional cost

200Mbps Unlimited Home lite (Uncapped) R1169 per month (month-to-month) 200mbps fiber download speed

1000mbps fiber upload speed

1 Mailbox (3GB and 5 aliases)

No FUP thresholds apply

24 Months Contracts includes installation and router

Closer Built-in calling plan available at an additional cost

Bottom Line.

Now, we’ve come to the end of this article on Telkom data deals. If you look in this article, there are a whole lot of options to choose from to suit your internet connectivity. As the internet is now popular, Telkom has made sure that you the subscriber get the best.


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